During episode 24 of Married at First Sight Australia 2022, Matt Ridley blew his entire “blissful” (lol) relationship with bride Kate Laidlaw, after getting absolutely w*nkered the night before the dinner party.

After making a fool of himself in front of the other contestants including Mitch Eynaud, Matt then returned home to a very unimpressed Kate.

kate laidlaw mafs 2022
After Matt Ridley returned home drunk, Kate Laidlaw was very unimpressed. Source: Nine.

“Last night was meant to be the night where Matt and I sat and had a serious discussion about where we were going to go this Commitment Ceremony,” Kate said in a piece to camera.

“Instead, he was drunk and I couldn’t say two words to him.”

“I didn’t like the way he was acting, I didn’t want him sleeping in this room and I didn’t want him near me, to be honest.” Ooft.

Matt Was Actually Out With a Group of MAFS Contestants

It wasn’t just Matt who was out that night. In fact, there were a number of contestants in attendance!

“Matt and Kate had actually called it quits for good the day before, so of course he wanted to go out and let off some steam after that,” a contestant revealed to So Dramatic!. “He was exhausted after spending a month with Kate.”

According to the same source, the cast went out “behind the producer’s” backs.

“Word got out that they were all out drinking at the same pub so they tried to sneak back to the hotel.”

group shot mafs 2022 drinks
A group shot of the night in question, with the many, many beverages! Source: Supplied.

“Then producers found out and called a snap covid test back a Skye Suites. The contestants got wind of it and tried to go back individually in dribs and drabs so it didn’t look obvious and they wouldn’t get in trouble.”

“They had been drinking all day and night together and were all wasted.”

As for how Mitch saw him, after Matt received his COVID test, he got some wine and apartment hopped “to annoy the others”.

He started with Mitch and Ella Ding and ended up in Jack Millar and Domenica Calarco’s room.

“He kept knocking on doors and saying to other couples, “let’s have a drink.” And that was because Kate had kicked him out,” the contestant dished.

Lol! We’ve all been there, Matt.

Matt’s Apology to Kate and the Rest of the MAFS Cast

During the fifth dinner party of the season, Matt stood up during a very awkward lull in the conversation.

“I wish I was here speaking a speech of positivity, but tonight it’s not,” he said addressing the group. “And I need to give a group apology as well as a direct apology to Kate.

matt speech mafs 2022
“I wish I was here speaking a speech of positivity, but tonight it’s not,” Matt said, addressing the group. Source: Nine.

“My actions, my behaviour were shocking and were out of line and I’m sorry that I did that and I just wanted to pass on a group apology to you all because my behaviour was nothing short of disastrous.”

Good apology, Matt!

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