Married at First Sight Australia 2022 bride Holly Greenstein may have made a deal with producers that allowed her to read her scathing letter at the last Commitment Ceremony.

The preceding dinner party saw Holly ambushed by her Married at First Sight peers after her gaslighting groom Andrew Davis chatted total sh*t about her prior to her arrival.

The following day, Holly returned to the couch alone to unleash on her co-stars for belittling her experience in the experiment.

Holly Greenstein Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Holly Greenstein may have cut a deal with producers to be able to read her scathing letter. Source: Nine.

However, it may not have come about as easily as Holly deciding she wanted to address the group.

In an exclusive interview with Megan Pustetto in episode 153 of the So Dramatic! podcast AFTERMAF(S) series, 2021 bride Jaimie Gardner lifted the lid on how Married at First Sight producers negotiate with (see also: manipulate) contestants behind the scenes.

“I think [for Holly] to be able to have had her last word, I feel like some negotiation must have gone on [with producers],” Jaimie suggested.

chris jenson jaimie gardner mafs
Jaimie Gardner opened up about how producers negotiate with contestants behind the scenes. Source: Nine.

“I feel like if I were her, I would have been like, ‘I’m not coming back to explain a thing… I’m not filming the last scene unless you show the truth.’

“So I feel like maybe there was some of that conversation, too.”

Jaimie also insinuated that such a deal could have come at the cost of non-disclosure agreements to refrain Holly from speaking freely about her time on the show.

Jaimie Gardner Draws On Her Own MAFS Experience

Last year, Jaimie was dubbed the “villain” of her season after she appeared to repeatedly belittle TV hubby, Chris Jensen. It wasn’t until her tell-all interview with So Dramatic! post-season that viewers realised she was also a victim of the experiment.

jaimie gardner chris jensen
Jaimie Gardner claims her truth bomb moment was edited out to follow her villain storyline. Source: Nine.

Although Jaimie similarly tried to shed light on her experience with Chris, she claims it was “[edited] out” to “follow the [villain] storyline”.

However, she believes this year the show is learning to be a “touch more transparent”.

“You’re not seeing the real thing, but I think they’re giving a little bit more of both sides.”

Jaimie Gardner Says Carolina Santos Was Set Up When Addressing Dion Giannarelli “Off Camera”

During their honeymoon, Married at First Sight intruder Carolina Santos dished out a hard truth to Dion Giannarelli when she thought the cameras were shut off.

As her husband was getting his microphone battery swapped out, the 34-year-old said she thinks women pretend to be attracted to him because he’s wealthy.

“Can I tell you, honey, I will tell you and I think [producer] is going to be very mad at me because the cameras aren’t rolling,” she began. “We all know that you do have a bit of money, and the girls probably pretend to be attracted to you because of it… I’m not that kind of girl.”

Drawing on her experience last year, Jaimie said producers sitch contestants up by telling them the cameras aren’t being utilised.

“It’s [the same as] the handwashing thing,” she said of the moment she was infamously caught slamming her TV groom for not washing his hands.

While acknowledging that Carolina knows how to stir the pot, Jaimie said she “[doesn’t] doubt” that her comments about Dion were genuine.

“She thought the cameras were off, because [producers] do tell you they’re off.”

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