Koby Abberton found himself at the centre of last night’s explosive cheating scandal on SAS: Australia.

Viewers of the show slammed the Bra Boy on social media after he was not only caught cheating in the midst of a circuit-type physical challenge but then lying about it too!

However, he addressed the incident on his Instagram page on Thursday night, declaring that he is neither of those things and what he saw on TV is not actually how it went down IRL! Juicy!

“I just wanted to address the cheating scandal… First and foremost this is TV, guys. It wasn’t like that,” he said in the video. “How it happened was, we did a fitness test… On the second set, I was supposed to do 30 push-ups and only done 16.

“I was tired and exhausted and miscounted, it was as simple as that.”

Koby then revealed that people were now contacting his family and wife about the cheating and lying.

“You guys, this is a TV show…” he said. “Since the start of my child, six-seven years [sic], I have been nothing but a happy positive family-man on all social medias [sic].”

The notorious big wave surfer then issued a stern warning to these people saying, “don’t say that shit to my wife, please.”

Koby also captioned the video with a question to viewers, casting doubt on the validity of the cheating claims: “If I was gonna cheat on TV, don’t you think I would have noticed the staff in front of me and all of the cameras?”

If I cheated, I personally wouldn’t have cheated with push-ups. I would of [sic] cheated on burpees 100%,” he joked.

As someone who despises burpees more than anything else on this planet, that is cheating I could understand!

The father-of-one then appeared to backflip, admitting he was enjoying the show, regardless of the way he was being portrayed.

“I’m loving the show, it’s amazing TV! I’m captivated by it and playing the villain is fine by me! You guys make me the villain and pay me for it,” he then added. “Family is always off-limits.”

In episode three of the Special Forces course, recruits were ordered to line up in order of strongest physical ability to least, where Koby positioned himself at the head of the pack as number one, bypassing huge unit Sam Burgess and literal Ironman-slash-Viking Jett Kenny.

Then, they were required to complete a series of painful drills in sets of 30, including push-ups, squats while holding logs, and the exercise sent from hell — burpees.

However, in a test of the recruits’ integrity, the Directing Staff (DS) have set up hidden cameras along the course to see if anyone skipped any reps (AKA cheats) throughout the course. And, Koby was caught red-handed skipping almost half! Yep, he only did 15 of the required 30 push-ups and when the DS asked recruits to reveal whether they cheated during the circuit, he straight up denied it!

While celebrity recruits in the likes of Jessica Peris, Bonnie Anderson and Mark Philippoussis stepped forward in the admission of shaving a few reps off here and there, Koby even suggested to Ant Middleton that he possibly did more than the required amount of exercises!

As the incident played out on screens, Koby copped a wave of backlash from viewers who labelled him a “cheat” and “liar.”

I want to believe him, but you know what they say, receipts DON’T lie!

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