Fans of SAS Australia are up in arms after the latest episode revealed Bra Boy Koby Abberton not only cheating in the midst of a circuit-type physical challenge, but then lying about it too!

In episode three of the Special Forces course, recruits were ordered to line up in order of strongest physical ability to least, where Koby positioned himself at the head of the pack as number one, bypassing huge unit Sam Burgess and literal Ironman-slash-Viking Jett Kenny. Then, they were required to complete a series of painful drills in sets of 30, including push-ups, squats while holding logs, and the exercise sent from hell — burpees.

First impressions say Koby does really well, flying through the course like nobody’s business, but wait — in a test of the recruits’ integrity, the Directing Staff (DS) have set up hidden cameras along the course to see if anyone skipped any reps (AKA cheats) throughout the course, and surprise, surprise, the group’s alleged fittest man Koby skipped PLENTY.

Yep, somehow, he only did 15 push-ups out of 30, and when the DS asked recruits to reveal whether they cheated during the circuit, we expected old mate to put his hand up and admit he may have been a bit lenient with his reps. But did he? NO!

While celebrity recruits in the likes of Jessica Peris, Bonnie Anderson and Mark Philippoussis stepped forward in admission of shaving a few reps off here and there, Koby even suggested to Ant Middleton that he possibly did more than the required amount of exercises!

Safe to say the DS weren’t happy, and neither were SAS viewers.

“There’s people who are worried they did 29 [push-ups] instead of 30 accidentally and then there’s this cheat looking them in the eye and lying blatantly,” one Twitter user said.

Another noted that it’s easy to miss one or two reps during a rigorous challenge like the fitness course, but “you would know you missed 15”.

Some even went as far as to brand him “worse than Firass [Dirani]” whose selfish and egotistical behavior during SAS Australia 2020 saw him dubbed the villain of his season.

Giving Koby the benefit of the doubt, some viewers expressed concern for his ability to count, a lack of which could have contributed to his failure to do the correct amount of exercises during the challenge, after he told the DS he has four brothers during an interrogation when in actuality he only has three.

“Did anyone consider maybe he doesn’t actually know how to count?” a fan of the show queried online, while another suggested that maybe the former pro surfer was counting the ups AND downs of the push-ups, which is why he reached 30 “so quickly”.

Considering we’ve only been afforded three episodes of the celebrity Special Forces series so far, we can only anticipate that Koby is going to become the villain we all love to hate!

SAS Australia is currently airing on Channel 7 and 7Plus, Monday through Wednesday at 7:30pm.

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