Former Miss World Australia Erin Holland has shared the brutal aftermath of her SAS Australia 2021 experience, posting a series of photos to Instagram which reveal extensive bruising after just two days into the Special Forces selection course.

Erin voluntarily withdrew from the series after she failed to keep up during the challenges, a shortcoming that forced the other contestants to endure gruelling physical exercises until she could complete the day’s course.

She eventually tapped out, unable to finish what the Directing Staff had asked of her, and became the second celebrity recruit to exit the 2021 season, following socialite Brynne Edelsten who withdrew during the very first episode.

“THE AFTERMATH,” the model-turned-TV presenter wrote alongside images of herself covered in head-to-toe bruises.

“A raw look at what a few days of selection looked like (plus a sore back from 90+ kilos on it),” she penned on Instagram, referring to when Ant Middleton forced her to carry Home and Away actor Dan Ewing on her shoulders around the course’s parade square.

Erin also noted in the post that there are “so many tasks that can’t possibly all make it to air”, and we can’t even begin to imagine what else the contestants are made to endure that leaves them so battered and bruised!

Before the ex-beauty queen’s exit from the show, Erin broke down during her interrogation with the Directing Staff as she detailed the frightening home invasion she experienced while home alone in 2020.

“I got broken into by three guys on a Sunday morning at 3am while I was asleep upstairs,” Erin revealed of the event that left her feeling “powerless”. Her husband, cricketer Ben Cutting, was away at the time.

“I just felt so vulnerable. Luckily they didn’t come into the bedroom, and it wasn’t until the next day when we saw all the [security] footage that I figured out what had happened.”

SAS Australia 2020 recruit Erin McNaught also endured severe injuries, pictures of which she shared on Instagram, during her time competing in the Special Forces course, telling Mamamia’s The Spill podcast that the challenges left her with bugling discs in her neck, a torn ligament where her sternum meets her collarbone, as well as a torn rotator cuff muscle.

“One of my arms was pretty useless for six weeks,” she said. “Physically… I am getting there,”

Ouch! If this is what contestants look like after only a few days in the course, we afraid to see how the existing recruits will fare once they progress further through the SAS selection course!

You can catch all of the SAS Australia 2021 grit on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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