HelloFresh has ended its brand partnership with Married at First Sight Australia‘s Amanda Micallef due to her transphobic statements.

The 2020 TV bride recently posted a brand-sponsored post with the meal kit company, which some fans found concerning because of her recent discouragement of non-binary bathrooms.

It comes after Amanda — who was one-half of MAFS‘ first same-sex couple — was also found guilty of circulating intimate images and videos of an ex-partner in May.

amanda micallef
HelloFresh has ended its brand partnership with Married at First Sight Australia‘s Amanda Micallef due to “transphobic behaviour”. Source: Instagram.

Due to the affiliation, one Instagram user said they reached out to HelloFresh to “find [out] if they share the same views” as Amanda.

Sharing a screenshot of the DM from October 27, the user asked: “I just wondered if you’re aware that an influencer you are working [with] was charged with revenge porn earlier this year?

“The same influencer also shared some pretty homophobic [transphobic] views about gender-neutral bathrooms recently as well,” they continued.

“If you are aware, is this a view that HelloFresh also shares and supports?”

It should be noted that while the sender described Amanda’s views as “homophobic”, her statements about gender-neutral bathrooms should be described as transphobic.

hellofresh amanda micallef
The Instagram user wanted to know whether HelloFresh was aware of Amanda’s concerning views. Source: Supplied.

What Did HelloFresh Say About Their Affiliation with Amanda Micallef?

HelloFresh then replied on November 3, thanking the user for “raising [their] concern”.

According to a representative named Natasha, the company was “disappointed” to hear of Amanda’s actions.

“HelloFresh does not condone homophobic [transphobic] behaviour or harassment of any kind,” the reply read.

“We’re disappointed to learn about the allegations concerning Amanda Micallef.”

Adding that their partnership with the controversial reality star “has now ended”, Natasha said HelloFresh does “not intend to pursue any further work with her”.

amanda micallef hellofresh
A HelloFresh representative said they’d severed ties with Amanda as they “do not condone homophobic behaviour or harassment”. Source: Supplied.

The severed collaboration follows Amanda’s comments in October when she slammed a Melbourne venue for having a “female and non-binary” bathroom.

“Non-binary” is a term that describes someone who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth and can encompass numerous gender identities.

“How do we feel about a man who considers himself non-binary walking into a female toilet?” she questioned on Instagram, purposely misgendering the hypothetical non-binary person.

The 37-year-old continued: “Might as well just do gender-neutral toilets and really scare away a lot of people in a child-friendly business.

“I think it’s a poor move for business.”

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