During episode 104 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, Megan revealed that there is FINALLY going to be a same-sex couple in the Married at First Sight 2022 cast.

While we are *screaming* with hallelujahs and amens, former MAFS contestants have spoken out about the casting.

2021 groom, Liam Cooper — who has just appeared on episode 103 of the So Dramatic! Podcast with Megan Pustetto with boyfriend Samuel Levi — hoped that the casting just wasn’t about “ticking boxes”.

“Fingers crossed they actually represent the LGBTQIA + Community with the respect and dignity we deserve and not just match them because they are both part of the community and want to tick a box! 🏳️‍🌈,” he wrote in the comments on the So Dramatic! Online instagram.

Tash Herz — who was cast in a same-sex relationship in the 2020 season — isn’t as thrilled.

“I think that if they are going to have queer representation on a hetero dominated reality show, they should seek queer input in the matchmaking as I highly doubt a lesbian’s viewpoint and opinion would have bungled the first lesbian pairing to the extent production did,” Tash told So Dramatic! exclusively.

“Every single one of my queer friends has said: ‘WHAT WERE THEY THINKING WITH THE MATCH?!’ Even aesthetically. Considering Tara [the executive producer of MAFS] repeatedly told me that it was a huge responsibility being the first lesbian couple and that we were unlikeable and everyone was going to hate us, I truly feel this could have been avoided with seeking out queer advice from the LGBTQI community.” Are you listening, producers?

Tash also made her feelings known in the comments section of our Instagram page, saying: “God help them. Hopefully they accept some queer matchmaking help from the any of the community that’s involved in production.” Eeeep!

During her season of the hit TV show, the Adelaide local was paired with Amanda Micallef — but was vilified for turning up the heat on their wedding night and dropping it to below zero on their honeymoon.

The drama didn’t stop there, however, with Tash accusing her bride of having an “entitled and overbearing” attitude and for being publicly torn down with a bad edit.

During the season, things went from bad to worse with Tash even staging pap photos with her then-new-girlfriend, Madison Hewitt, fuelling an already volatile fire.

Then in October 2020, after the absolute sh*t fight of a season, the 32-year-old took to her Instagram page to “speak her truth”.

“I want people to know what it was like for me, if they are curious or can’t understand through the editing and vilifying, what it was like to be constantly asked why you don’t want to be around someone that feels they are owed physical affection, love and fame no matter how many times you have explained, kindly, that you do not feel comfortable giving them that,” she wrote.

‘Again, I will remind you all, YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL LOVE. Listen [to the podcast] if you want, don’t if you don’t, for me this was about closure and release. Thank you to everyone that has supported me this year, it’s been a rumble.’

In episode 104 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, a member of the drama army reached out to Megan to spill the tea on the casting for the new season.

 Someone from my work told me back in June that he would be leaving for Sydney to start filming a show in August,” the dished. “He said he was going to be on the next season of MAFS! He is very openly gay and said he had to answer all these questions about his ideal man, what would be his biggest turn offs etc!

“So looks like there will be at least one same sex couple next season. But after listening to your interviews with Liam [Cooper]….. I’m worried how they’re going to portray him.” 

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