He’s been dropped from the air countless times thanks to his controversial comments, but Kyle Sandilands has somehow never been fired from his prime spot on breakfast radio.

Aussies have repeatedly questioned how the shock jock gets away with it all… And now, ol’ mate himself finally has an answer.

The 51-year-old addressed the national dilemma as he and co-host Jackie “O” Henderson were inducted into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards on October 29.

kyle and jackie o
Kyle Sandilands has finally explained why he’s never been fired from his prime spot on breakfast radio. Source: KIIS.

Kyle recalled the moment when marketing executive Jeff Allis (yeah, the dude who co-owns Boost Juice) gave him explicit permission to do whatever the f*ck he feels like on the radio with zero consequences.

“[Jeff] said, ‘Between you and I, just f*cking do anything you want and I will be your get out of jail free card’,” Kyle said during his acceptance speech.

kyle sandilands
Kyle explained that a marketing executive offered him a never-ending “get out of jail free card”. Source: KIIS.

“So I took full advantage, as a lot of you would be aware. A lot of management were like, ‘How the f*ck did he not get fired 4000 times?’ Jeff Allis saved me every time,” he explained.

Good one, Jeff…

The revelation follows Kyle and Jackie O spectacularly walking out of their plum radio gig on October 21, after an interview with Alan Jones was “dumped” mid-segment.

What Happened During The Kyle and Jackie O Show That Caused Them to Walk Out?

The duo interviewed former radio mainstay Alan for a tame 15 minutes before listeners were hit with a prerecorded announcement.

“This means someone said something inappropriate and is currently getting in trouble,” the message said, explaining that the audio had been “dumped”.

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Kyle and Jackie O returned to air sans Alan following a lengthy break, and their anger didn’t go unnoticed.

The duo were then heavily censored as they continued to vent about the show’s lack of communication. Kyle then told his co-host that he would be back for Monday’s show.

“And if I’m not back Monday, it didn’t work out well for me”.

The father of one did, however, return to the airwaves the following week.

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