KIIS FM’s parent company Australian Radio Network (ARN), has issued an apology following Kyle Sandilands‘ cooked radio rant in which he labelled his colleagues “sp*zzes”.

ICYMI: Kyle flew into an on-air rage during the September 29 broadcast of The Kyle and Jackie O Show after KIIS FM placed second in Sydney breakfast radio ratings behind 2GB.

At the time, the shock jock said this was because his co-workers are “sp*azzes”, “flops”, and “absolute a*sholes” while calling 2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham‘s listeners “just dead in a wheelchair”.

kyle sandilands
ARN has addressed Kyle Sandilands’ cooked radio rant in which he labelled colleagues “sp*zzes”. Source: KIIS FM.

Now, ARN has apologised to “everyone impacted” by the offensive tirade.

“ARN does not endorse or condone the comments made by Kyle Sandilands, nor the language that was used or the context with which it was spoken during a segment broadcast on Thursday 29th September,” the statement read.

“It was not an expression of the views of ARN, which prides itself on an inclusive workplace; however, we accept responsibility and unreservedly apologise to everyone impacted by the segment both at ARN and the broader community.”

The network also said they are “taking this matter very seriously” and are “undertaking a full review”.

However, they “acknowledge and support” Kyle’s apology, which he made on October 7.

Kyle Sandilands Says He Doesn’t “Want to Hurt Anyone’s Feelings”

Taking to the airwaves on October 7, the father of one acknowledged that he “used some filthy language and some derogatory archaic terms”.

“Sometimes people say things when they are pissed off, and yeah, I didn’t even know I had said it until I read it in the newspaper because the one thing you can rely on the newspaper people for is to be totally hypocritical about how they live and behave in their own lives and how they expect everyone else to behave.”

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Kyle continued: “So yeah if you are offended by any of those words, I am sorry about that. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I like to make people feel fun and relaxed and happy, and safe. That is what I like.”

The 51-year-old added that he’s “never going to change”, despite the mounting backlash.

“I’m still not changing [for] the woke world”.

The apology followed news that two of KIIS FM’s top advertisers, Bunnings and TPG Telecom, were reportedly reconsidering their advertising spending with the station following Kyle’s rant.

What Did Kyle Sandilands Say In His Offensive Rant?

The rant that sparked Kyle and ARN’s apologies made the Australian Idol judge declare he was “sick and tired of working” at KIIS FM.

“This whole station couldn’t pull a root in a brothel with a wheelbarrow full of money and a grin; they wouldn’t know, [and] they wouldn’t get laid. They are too dumb. Imbeciles,” he raged.

kyle jackie o
Kyle (pictured with co-host Jackie O Henderson) said he was “sick and tired” of working at KIIS FM. Source: Instagram.

“I am sick and tired of this joint hiring idiots to run things, and then it takes them a year to find out that guy is a d*ckhead, and he should be fired.”

“Get rid of the flops. I should be running this whole joint,” he concluded.

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