Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have addressed their “hissy fit”, which saw the famed duo ditch their radio show mid-broadcast.

ICYMI: The Kyle and Jackie O Show hosts walked out on their breakfast programme on October 21 after an interview segment with Alan Jones was censored.

The pair raged about a “lack of communication” behind the show’s scenes before abruptly ending the episode early.

kyle and jackie o dumping quit radio
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have addressed their “hissy fit” after ditching their show mid-broadcast on October 21. Source: KIIS FM.

Returning to the airwaves on October 24 to address the incident, Kyle and Jackie O said the debacle had left them “confused”.

“Good morning… Well, we’ve made it back. Who would’ve thought?” Kyle joked. He then added that his manager Bruno Bouchet had told him he’d been “testy” in recent weeks.

“Bruno did say, maybe you’ve been a bit grumpy, you do have a new child, and you’ve been working 20 hours a day.”

The father of one went on to commend his co-host for fronting up at the Mediaweek annual Power lunch just hours after her walkout — an event that saw the duo top the publication’s inaugural Star Power 25 list.

“How great did Jackie look after doing her ‘power move’ after we left the show on Friday in a hissy fit?” Kyle said.

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He then acknowledged that it was “nice of [her] to support [him] for once and walk out together”.

“But I understood why you were doing it because we were both very confused,” Jackie admitted.

Kyle Sandilands Suggests That Things Aren’t “Smoothed Over” Following Dramatic Walkout

In an attempt to summarise what went down during their previous instalment, Kyle said, “there was some confusion between management and mixed signals, wishy-washy back-end signals”.

“Who cares what a team of management think?” he declared. “I don’t care what they think.”

Their newsreader, Brooklyn Ross, questioned whether the incident was “all smoothed over”.

“No, no, it’s not smoothed over,” Kyle suggested; however, Jackie disagreed.

“Yes, it is, don’t lie!” she told her longtime co-host. “The thing is, it wasn’t even that big a deal in the first place.”

What Happened During the October 21 broadcast of The Kyle and Jackie O Show?

During the October 21 broadcast, the duo interviewed former radio mainstay Alan for a tame 15 minutes before listeners were hit with a prerecorded announcement.

“This means someone said something inappropriate and is currently getting in trouble,” the message said, explaining that the audio had been “dumped”.

Kyle and Jackie O returned to air sans Alan following a lengthy break, and their anger didn’t go unnoticed.

alan jones
Alan Jones was being interviewed by Kyle and Jackie O when the segment was dumped. Source: 2GB.

Kyle explained that the censor’s job was to block out swear words. It’s also used to limit anything that could legally impact the show.

However, being “dumped” ended their interview with Alan and forced them off-air.

“If it’s a beep, it’s fine, but if it’s a dump, it’s a different story altogether,” said Jackie before Kyle was beeped again.

The duo were then heavily censored as they continued to vent about the show’s lack of communication before Kyle told his co-host that he would be back for Monday’s show.

“And if I’m not back Monday, it didn’t work out well for me”.

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