The drama just doesn’t let up when it comes to The Block 2022, with the latest being Sarah-Jane Wilson reportedly sending a scathing text message about Sharon Johal to the WHOLE cast group chat. #Awkward!

It’s no secret that Sarah-Jane loves a chin wag and goss sesh as much as the next person; however, as reported in episode 226 of the So Dramatic! podcast, it did get her into a little bit of trouble!

One contestant who is part of the group chat said the mum of one “sent a message to the group chat b*tching about Sharon, but it was meant for Rachel [Carr]“.

“She was bagging Sharon out and saying how she is a whinger,” the star said.

Sarah-Jane also penned that “she knows for a fact Sharon went to the media with stories”, which led to a spicy confrontation!

“Sharon saw the message and confronted Sarah-Jane about it,” they continued. “She was really upset.”

This isn’t the first time the 30-year-old has lashed out at the Neighbours actress.

On the first day of filming, the House One Blockhead reportedly said to Sharon: “WTF are you doing here? You don’t deserve to be here you’re not an Aussie battler.”

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This was the same issue other contestants took with influencers Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull before they spectacularly ditched the show.

“Sharon turned around and said, ‘what is your definition of an Aussie battler? We’re not rich.

“‘Just because we’re famous and on TV, doesn’t mean we’re rich’.”

The Block On-Set Source Says “Producers Played Favourites” with Sarah-Jane Wilson

The source went on to claim that Sarah-Jane’s “negative side” was never shown because “producers played favourites” with her and her husband, Tom Calleja,

“Sarah-Jane and Tom had a really toxic relationship with each other,” the insider confessed. “You’re seeing it a bit but not to the level it actually was.”

tom sarah-jane
The source claimed that Sarah-Jane’s “negative side” was never shown because “producers played favourites” with her and her husband, Tom Calleja. Source: Nine.

Favouritism on The Block isn’t bRaNd NeW iNfOrMaTiOn, with a slew of complaints from fans who believe the judges show blatant favouritism towards House one.

As reported in episode 225 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one Blockhead accused the producers of “manipulating” judges Neale WhitakerShaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer‘s final scores.

“Some weeks we had no idea how certain rooms had won, and the judge’s comments didn’t reflect the scores that were given,” the contestant told So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto.

the block judges
One Blockhead accused the producers of “manipulating” judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer‘s final scores. Source: Nine.

They added: “The feedback is so inconsistent… The producers manipulate the judge’s scores to make them seem like it’s closer between the couples to, of course, add drama.”

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