Dave “Hughesy” Hughes has helped Australian “pet psychic” Amanda De Warren connect with THE Paris Hilton to find her missing dog Diamond Baby.

The 41-year-old icon offered a $10,000 USD “no questions asked” reward in September for her chihuahua’s safe return, having spoken to seven pet mediums (apparently across the globe) who confirmed the dog was still alive.

“This has been one of the most painful experiences of my life. My heart is broken. I miss her so much and feel like part of me is gone without her next to me,” Paris shared on Instagram while also launching the hashtag #FindDiamondBaby.

paris hilton missing dog diamond baby pet
An Australian pet psychic trying to help Paris Hilton find her dog, Diamond Baby. Source: Instagram.

The former Simple Life star had initially hired six pet mediums to assist in the search, however, found out there was an Aussie psychic who had appeared on 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin to talk about the pup’s disappearance.

Returning to the breakfast radio show after talking to Paris, pet psychic Amanda has revealed her premonition that a woman (rumoured to be an employee of Paris) found Diamond Baby after she got lost but is yet to return her.

“I absolutely felt through the dog that she [the woman who took Diamond Baby] knew who the dog is,” Amanda confirmed before reaffirming Paris’ statement that “there will be no questions asked” if Diamond Baby was returned.

How Did “Pet Psychic” Amanda De Warren “Find” The Location of Paris Hilton’s Dog?

Amanda psychically “retraced” the dog’s steps after disappearing near Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills.

The pet psychic could then pinpoint a certain gated area near where the chihuahua was being kept with two other dogs and wasn’t distressed about being taken.

paris hilton missing dog diamond baby pet
The 41-year-old icon has offered a $10,000 USD “no questions asked” reward for her chihuahua’s safe return. Source: Instagram.

“I told [Paris] what I had felt and who had [Diamond Baby]. So she is putting her team into overdrive to search this area,” Amanda said, before adding she would soon be texting her again as she had come across even more new info.

“I think we’re very close to finding her pet now,” she continued, praising Paris for being an “animal lover” and “down-to-earth”.

And who knows? Maybe Amanda will soon be $10K richer!

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