Married at First Sight Australia 2021‘s Booka Nile has announced that she is pregnant with her first baby.

The musician had a tumultuous time in the marriage experiment after she wed Brett Helling; however, it seems her role as a bride has made way for a much more fulfilling gig — motherhood!

married at first sight 2021 booka nile
Married at First Sight Australia 2021‘s Booka Nile has announced that she is pregnant with her first baby. Source: Instagram.

Booka took to Instagram on September 29 to share the news while holding a baby onesie.

Revealing that she is expecting a baby boy, the Western Australian admitted that being a mum was “not something [she] ever thought [she’d] experience”.

“It just didn’t feel like it could or would ever happen for me,” she penned. “My circumstances felt like they’d never be right…and to be honest, they’re still not ‘right’.

“I don’t think they’ll ever be ‘right’, but my baby boy does not really [give a f*ck] about that.”

Booka continued: “Against all odds, he has made himself a little home inside my belly and is growing bigger and stronger every day.”

married at first sight booka nile pregnant
Booka confessed that she never thought she’d experience motherhood. Source: Instagram.

The TV bride added that while she and her child’s father are not together “and have no plans to be”, they’re working on strengthening their bond to be “great friends” as they co-parent.

“Our only goal is that our son is loved and cared for by both of us and that he grows up knowing how loved he is by his mum and dad.”

Married at First Sight‘s Booka Nile Said Her Baby Gave Her “Happiness and Hope” Again

In the lengthy statement, Booka admitted that she’s “overwhelmed with gratitude” towards her son for “turning [her] life around this year”.

“He gave the saddest, most defeated version of myself joy, happiness and hope again,” she confessed. “I’m working hard every day now to become the best possible version of myself, and I’m doing it for him.

“He is the miracle I didn’t know I needed.”

Reiterating that having a child was not something she or “his father had planned”, the reality star said they’re “counting down the days” until they can “finally meet him”.

booka nile mafs baby announcement
Booka revealed that her son gave her “happiness and hope again”. Source: Instagram.

The comment section was flooded with well-wishes from fellow MAFS stars, including friend and 2021 groom Liam Cooper.

“Cat is finally out of the bag ❤️ big love to you xx,” he penned.

Meanwhile, 2018 bride Sarah Roza mused: “Ohhh [sic] my goodness! This is fabulous news!!! Congratulations, my love!! 💝💝💝”

booka nile baby comments
Several Married at First Sight stars congratulated Booka on her pregnancy. Source: Instagram.

Congratulations Booka!

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