The Bachelor Australia 2022 has been postponed indefinitely and contestants are not happy, speaking out about why the show has suddenly been put on ice.

On Tuesday, Daily Mail revealed that Channel Ten has made the difficult decision to postpone the highly-anticipated tenth season featuring three leads, until 2023.

The Bachelors Australia
The Bachelor Australia 2022 has been postponed indefinitely. Source: Ten.

“Ten have made the call to delay the show until early 2023 so they can focus on promoting The Real Love Boat,” revealed a well-placed source. 

“I don’t see them airing reality dating shows back-to-back and there’s only 10 ratings weeks left… They would rather hold it and give it the publicity it needs.”

Honestly, just put us all out of our misery now…

The Bachelor Australia Contestants Have Been Granted Access to Their Social Media Accounts Agains

One Bachelor contestant told So Dramatic! about the dilemma, revealing that following the shock decision, all suitors and contestants were granted access to their social media accounts once again.

ICYMI: The Bachelor contestants have control of their social media accounts revoked by the network several weeks before the show begins airing — which in this case, was supposed to be October.

the real love boat
Ten have made the call to delay the show until 2023 so they can focus on promoting The Real Love Boat. Source: Ten.

While the series is in limbo, cast members are required to keep their accounts on private and are not allowed to accept any new followers (this includes their co-stars and new Hinge matches), thanks to that new sneaky social media *bonus*.

Or as we like to call it: “hush money.”

“We got our posting rights back today and we find out the air dates on October 6 now,” the contestant dished.

“The network called us all individually on Tuesday to let us know what was going on. All they said was that as of right now, we can post on social media as normal.”

What Are The Bachelor Contestant’s New Social Media Rules?

The contestant went on to explain the new rules surrounding their social media behaviour in the interim.

“They’re not allowing us to post our love lives or accept new followers or anything like that,” they revealed. “We can just post ‘normally’ without giving spoilers.

“I think they did that because we’ve already been waiting so long for this to air and they still don’t have an official start date for us yet.”

the bachelors 2022
Eek! Two-thirds of The Bachelor have already given huge spoilers about the show’s outcome away. Source: Ten.

Contestants have also been reminded not to post any spoilers and to “be careful who you are in photos with” (i.e. a new partner) and are under strict instructions not to tag or mention the show.

“I think this will definitely ruin the outcome of the show thought because someone is likely to slip up,” the contestant predicted. And we would honestly put our life savings on that. It’s a tale as old as time

Several of the Bachelors Have Already Given Away Spoilers for the Show

In fact, two of the show’s three leads Thomas Malucelli and Jed McIntosh have already given huge spoilers about their outcome on the show already. Eek! So surely Felix Von Hofe isn’t far off from spoiling his outcome then too?

Ol’ mate Thomas wasted no time getting back on the gram, sharing a selfie to his Instagram Story on Tuesday and polling his followers on where he’s been. Duh!

thomas malucelli bachelor instagram
One Bachelor, Thomas Malucelli, is already posting on Instagram after contestants were given back access to their social media accounts on Tuesday. Source: Instagram.

So Dramatic! also previously revealed that all three men will be proposing to their final pick on the show. So, hopefully someone’s notified the wedding planners about the delay…

the bachelors 2022
So Dramatic! revealed that all three men will be proposing to their final pick on the show. Source: Ten.

Bachelor Contestants Are “Furious” About the Show Being Postponed

According to the tea-spilling contestant, they and their fellow co-stars are “furious” about the scheduling change.

“No one is happy about it,” they said. “We’ve been dragged on for so long already. It’s been a huge disruption to all of our lives which have been put on hold for months now.”

The contestant then said that they suspect the show has been put on hold due to delays in editing.

“As far as I heard last, they were still editing the show and it was taking longer than expected for some unknown reason,” they revealed. And we must know what drama caused a production delay this long?! Hook it to our veins now!

the bachelor australia rachael
*My face when finding out The Bachelors has been postponed* Source: Ten.

Daily Mail also reported that several of the contestants vying for Felix, Thomas and Jed’s hearts aren’t happy with the show being held over until the New Year. 

“The show was filmed four months ago and the cast weren’t able to return to social media until three months after the final air date,” they said.

“Some of them were hoping to be bona fide influencers by now.”

Welp! Won’t someone think of the poor influencers?

Channel Ten is expected to make an announcement about the series at the network’s Upfronts event next month. 

So Dramatic! has contacted Channel Ten for comment.

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