We have been blessed with the holy grail of piping hot tea from The Bachelorette Australia 2021 and we can guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

Chatting to the host of the So Dramatic! podcast, Megan Pustetto, a number of insiders have spilled alllll the piping hot tea on The Bachelorette 2021.

One even claims that Brooke’s love story will resurrect the whole franchise! We’ll believe it when we see it!

Inside sources spill the tea on The Bachelorette Australia 2021 starring Brooke Blurton. Source: Network Ten.
Inside sources spill the tea on The Bachelorette Australia 2021 starring Brooke Blurton. Source: Network Ten.

Keep scrolling as we dive into all the spicy behind-the-scenes goss from The Bachelorette Australia 2021!

** SPOILER ALERT! Continue reading at your own risk! **

Contestants Were Only Given One Week’s Notice

In episode 113 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, a number of contestants from this season have admitted they were cast for the show at the 11th hour.

Once confessed to So Dramatic! that they “didn’t even finish [their] paperwork” before entering hotel quarantine ahead of filming!

“I got asked to do the show and a week later, six days actually, I was in hotel quarantine,” they revealed. They added that “a lot of the other [contestants] were the same”.

We would have thought that people would be lining around the block to date Brooke! Turns out the producers are just as desperate as the rest of us!

Producers Were Cold-Calling Workplaces To Get Talent

Prior to filming, So Dramatic! sleuths also noticed casting producers going hard to recruit singles for The Bachelorette Australia 2021.

They were so desperate for talent that they were cold-calling physio clinics to see if anyone from the workplace was interested in applying!

bachelorette physio
Warner Bros. casting producers were cold-calling physio offices for The Bachelorette contestants! Source: Supplied.

One listener forwarded us a message from her workplace’s receptionist who said she got the “weirdest call” from Warner Brothers casting.

“Warner Bros… just called wondering if any of our single physios might be interested in applying for The Bachelorette!” the message read. It also detailed that the producers would send an email to them with details for any staff interested.

Hmm… What’s the significance of a physio? Perhaps Brooke just wants a partner who can give a good massage! Well, good news for Brooke, they didn’t manage to find her a physio but they did find her a podiatrist! Steve Pliatsikas who is also the ex-boyfriend of Nikki Ferris from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor in 2019.

Podiatrist Steve Pliatsikas is one of the suitors who will be vying for Brooke’s roses. Source: Ten.

The Bachelorette Australia Filming Wasn’t Actually Delayed

There have been numerous reports that filming was halted after Brooke’s sister tragically passed away in August.

As documented on social media, Brooke travelled from Sydney to Western Australia to attend the funeral and spent two weeks in quarantine.

We first predicted that this was the reason The Bachelorette was beginning later than usual, but insider sources say that this isn’t the case!

Filming had already wrapped by the time Brooke flew home, but they pushed the premiere date so viewers weren’t Bachie fatigued after Jimmy Nicholson‘s flop of a season! Ouch!

Traditionally, The Bachelorette Australia kicks off two weeks following The Bachelor‘s conclusion.

Due to the series being pushed back, Celebrity MasterChef Australia was brought forward to fill the gap in Channel Ten’s schedule.

The Hush Money Up For Grabs

This year, The Bachelor Australia 2021 contestants were offered a $5,000 bonus if they adhered to additional contract terms. The main condition was that they must refrain from spilling the BTS tea before, during, and after the show’s broadcast!

To clarify, that means no spilling the tea to Yours Truly!

Unsurprisingly, this year’s Bachelorette suitors are bound by a similar contract, although they have additional conditions!

Yep, these new terms detail that the contestants are not allowed to create finstas AT ALL! Nor are they allowed to follow each other online.

This was an issue this year after The Bachelor‘s Steph Lynch was caught posting photos of her Bachie viewing party!

Apparently, a reporter from another outlet dobbed the 27-year-old out to production and she lost her $5K. #Devo.

Who Is This Season’s Villain?

According to our inside sources. Ryan Carmichael has the makings of a Bachie villain!

One contestant said that the 29-year-old plumber is the resident “drama-maker” of The Bachelorette 2021.

“He’s not a villain but he is very straight-up and brutally honest,” they confessed. “He had no filter.”

The source added: “He had zero f*cks and just said whatever he felt on-camera… so they will probably turn him into the villain.”

We can’t wait for what hopefully is another C-bomb scandal — grab the popcorn and move over Steph and Monique Morely!

There Was Drama From The Get-Go!

Apparently, Konrad (yes, with a K) builds a chair for Brooke on the red carpet so they can have a drink on it together during the first cocktail party — but things don’t go to plan for the tradie when another contestant steals his move!

One insider told So Dramatic! that another contestant, Jess, happened to speak to Brooke first and they had their chat on Konrad’s chair before he even got a chance!

The source speculated that “Jess got asked by producers to do it for drama”. TBH, it sounds like a solid theory!

“It’s probably going to get blown up as they kept asking us to comment on it and call Jess a dog,” they also spilled.

That’s not all — the producers are spoiling us with two dramas in the first week!

Rumour has it that ‘Persian Prince’ Darvid and Taje get stuck into it after Darvid interrupts a cocktail party chat despite already having spent time with Brooke!

The Bachie insider said that “the girls were furious at him and it turned into a big drama”.

Sounds like drama with a capital D! Bring it on!

One Contestant Has Connections To The Reality TV Pyramid Scheme

So Dramatic! previously revealed the identities of Brooke’s suitors, as well as some spicy intel about their connections to the reality TV biz.

One of those contestants was Insta-famous photographer Beau Tauwhara AKA The Inked Shooter —and his reality TV incest runs deep!

A listener who knows Beau wrote in and said he used to date Channel Nine stylist Kara Wilson!

“That’s how he knows Karl Stefanovic and Richard Wilkins… they are actually friends and used to hang out with them… with Kara,” they explained.

After a little Insta-stalk, it appears Kara also happens to be friends with Bachelor royalty, Anna Heinrich! The incest continues!

The source also revealed that Beau and Kara broke up over five years ago after she moved overseas for her career.

Juicy tidbit: Cara is now married to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actor Luke Cook, with whom she shares a son named Chaplin.

The Bachelorette Australia 2021 Will Save The Franchise

According to one source, The Bachelorette Australia 2021 is going to be EPIC!

While Jimmy’s season was a flop, Brooke’s “authentic” love story is pegged to resurrect the whole franchise!

“There are authentic relationships developing,” they said. “It’s going to be amazing.”

The insider also exclusively revealed that production has already cast next year’s Bachelor and Bachelorette leads.

“They are confident that Brooke’s season will save the franchise.”

Thank the heavens! We really thought Bachie was down and out!

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