Long-time judge Darren Palmer has cast his vote on who he thinks The Block 2022‘s front-runners are.

We may only be part-way through the show’s mammoth 18th season, but the Blockheads are already proving that the competition is as fierce as ever.

Even though auction day is still weeks away, Darren has dished on which team has been the standout thus far.

darren palmer the block
Long-time The Block judge Darren Palmer has cast his vote on who he thinks this season’s front-runners are. Source: Nine.

Chatting to Shelley Craft on The Block Official podcast, the 44-year-old said Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson are the duo to beat — particularly after taking out their first room reveal win with their master suite.

“They have done such great rooms, and they have consistently been right up there in terms of their finishes and designs,” Darren confessed.

“And they are really front-runners in this competition, as far as I’m concerned.”

tom sarah jane the block master suite
Darren said Tom Calleja and Sarah-Jane Wilson are the team to beat on The Block 2022. Source: Nine.

Further explaining why he considers Tom and Sarah-Jane to be the best, Darren said their cohesive vision for their home will just add value come auction day.

The Judges Often Don’t Know Who Wins The Block‘s Weekly Room Reveals

In news that will truly baffle The Block fans, the judge revealed that the judges often don’t know who has won the room reveals until it airs on TV.

“Honestly I don’t keep any track of who has won what weeks, or how many times they have won, I wouldn’t have a clue,” Darren, who first appeared on the hit reno show in 2012, said. “Sometimes we don’t even know who wins, because we hand in our scores, and then we leave.

“So we don’t even do the maths and know the winner yet, we find out the winner on TV with you, sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t.” Say what?!

the block judges
The Block judges don’t always know who wins the room reveals each week. Source: Nine.

Darren also confessed that he “always” feels he should have been kinder with his feedback. Especially after watching the obstacles, the teams battled during the week.

“It’s obvious when things don’t go right, but we don’t get told, so we just don’t know. All we can be is like, ‘Oh this isn’t finished, that’s not great,’ and they have worked their bums off,” he said.

“It’s not nice watching them push it uphill all week, and then us stamping them out like a burnt match.”

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