The Block 2022’s Sharon Johal has received vicious trolling online after numerous TV controversies but has found a new ally in 2021‘s “cheater” Tanya Guccione.

On August 31, the former Neighbours star posed with her dog Bosco on her personal Instagram, giving some more insight about her ill-fated reality TV stint.

“In non-fake/edited happier news: this!” Sharon wrote in the caption.

Sharon Johal the block dog
Sharon Johal posed with her dog Bosco on her personal Instagram, giving some more insight about her reality TV stint on The Block 2022. Source: Instagram.

She explained why the Instagram comments were “turned off” on The Block-focused Instagram account she shares with her husband, Ankur Dogra.

“We don’t feel like being threatened over a reality tv show. Cheers for the #villianedit mates,” the 34-year-old said.

ankur dogra the block with dog
Sharon shared a slew of photos of her and Ankur Dogra (pictured) having much-needed cuddles with their dog Source: Instagram.

It came just hours before Sharon shared two shocking screenshots of racist DMs that she had received on her Story, showing the extent of the horrible trolling she’s experienced.

The Block 2021’s Tanya Guccione Joins a Slew of Australian Stars Defending Sharon Johal Amid Cruel Trolling

Tanya is undeniably familiar with receiving a “villain edit” on The Block.

The 40-year-old made headlines after admitting she and her husband Vito “cheated” by referencing a photo of The Block 2021’s production schedule to know what challenges and rooms were coming up next.

Tanya is undeniably familiar with receiving a “villain edit” after her stint on The Block in 2021. Source: Instagram.

Despite their noticeably different controversies, Tanya shared her support for the actress.

“I see u, [sic] girl! And I’m here with you cheering you both on! Hold your head up high,” the makeup artist commented on the post.

The Block 2020’s Daniel and Jade also rallied behind Sharon, writing: “Hey beautiful! You got this, and we got you! Head up and soldier on!”

ankur sharon johal tanya trolls
Tanya commented on her support for Sharon. Source: Instagram.

Reno Rumble’s Scott and Nadia, celebrity sexologist Chantelle Otten, former Gogglebox Australia star Yvie Jones and Married at First Sight’s Nadia Stamp were among the many blue-tick names offering their support in Sharon’s comment section.

Sharon Johal’s Fans Condemn The Trolling She Has Experienced Amid The Block‘s Controversies

Celebs and fans agree that the trolling has gone way too far.

There was a sudden outcry of support for Sharon after she revealed she was receiving bigoted messages in her DMs.

Many pointed out that making one of the few persons of colour on the 2022 season the “villain” was hugely problematic.

“Yep, make a brown person the villain instead of any of the toxic as f*ck Barbie and Ken couples,” one account commented on the So Dramatic! Instagram.

A dedicated fan account for Sharon commented: “People need to leave Sharon alone, and it’s just a tv show!! Obviously wanting ratings!”

Fans also took to the comment section of Sharon’s recent Insta post, congratulating her for finding a “healthy way to deal with a crappy TV edit”.

Sharon Johal
Fans praised Sharon for finding “healthy ways” to deal with her “bad TV edit”. Source: Instagram.

Others suggested that The Block was becoming too focused on drama rather than the wholesome reno show that Aussies once loved.

The Block is getting pathetic. Literally trying so hard to create a villain when there isn’t one. It’s putting me off the show,” one fan wrote.

“People get WAY too invested in reality tv shows,” another follower said.

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They continued: “No matter what the situation, it’s completely unacceptable to threaten a contestant on a show, an actor on a show or anyone in general… Head up & don’t let the haters get to you.”

The Block‘s Sharon Johal and Ankur Dogra Address the 2022’s “Cheating Scandal” on Social Media

The couple’s integrity was questioned during the August 30 episode after they searched for the “recipe” for Samantha’s Paddock wines and won $50,000 in the wine-making challenge.

They directly addressed the drama on social media, reminding viewers there were “absolutely no rules that we cannot use our phones or search the net/google anything”.

They even used the hashtags “#smartmove #notcheating #somuchdrama”.

On September 1, the duo confirmed the “texts” we see edited onto the screen are totally fake!

sharon johal trolling villain edit
The duo confirmed the “texts” we see edited onto the screen are totally fake! Source: Nine.

‘A ‘cheating scandal’ needs to involve cheating, and you said it wasn’t? Also, I don’t call my wife babe, hmm who’s sending these texts?” Ankur wrote.

Sharon also took to TikTok to address her “villain edit” on August 30, and she didn’t hold back!


Exaggerated drama. Lack of context. Edits. If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard

♬ It’s Gonna Be Me – *NSYNC

“If you don’t see lips moving, 101 it didn’t happen that way, ya heard [sic],” Sharon said. Hmmmm.

In another TikTok, she added: “There were no rules against using phones or researching – we all did,” she wrote on the video, before adding: “We told production and the winemaker we had tasting notes from the start.”

Sharon also alleged they were “encouraged” to “not share [their] advantage with contestants”.

@sharon_johal Did this “ cheating scandal” successfully drum up ratings? The answer is also YES! 😅 (comments are disabled due to all the trolling/threats made because of this fake news, cheers mates) Be smarter, friends, it’s just a show ❤️ #icouldasaid ♬ Originalton – kida

In the caption, she wrote” “Did this ‘cheating scandal’ successfully drum up ratings? The answer is also YES! 😅”

While we love Sharon and Ankur’s united front on social media, the trolling must stop!

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