Tara Schwarz and Michael Gebicki appear totally loved-up on Beauty and the Geek 2022, but her Instagram shows that she travelled to the ever-romantic Europe with another Geek, Samuel Mitchell.

An anonymous source exclusively confirmed to So Dramatic! that Tara and Samuel went to Europe together in June 2022.

Suspicions first arose as fans noticed the two BATG stars consistently liked each other’s travel pics on Instagram. What’s more, is that they even appeared to be sharing clothes while on the trip, which took place months after filming had concluded.

On Beauty and the Geek, Tara and Michael confirmed they were in a relationship and wanted to continue dating after their elimination during August 2’s episode.

Samuel was romantically involved with Angelique Nguyen while on Beauty and the Geek. After the couple’s elimination aired in July, Sam confirmed to 9Now that he and Angelique were “just friends” but have continued to stay in touch.

The So Dramatic! spy couldn’t confirm whether Michael was also on the trip, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed the Geek in the background of one of Tara’s photos. Keep that in your noggin’ for later!

The anonymous source could not confirm whether Tara, Michael and Samuel were travelling as besties or something more, so we put our investigator caps on to find out…

Berlin, Germany

Tara appeared to arrive in Europe in May, while Samuel seemingly flew out via Singapore in early June.

However, they both started their holidays in Berlin, Germany, even posing in front of the same tourist destination — the Victory Column (or Siegessäule in German).

Despite not receiving a makeover before his departure from BATG, Samuel appeared in much more fashionable attire.

While the beau only shared one post in Germany, Tara continued sharing pics until mid-May. It appeared as though she was travelling with a brunette female friend, but she didn’t tag her in any posts.

Tara later travelled to Tübingen in Germany, seemingly visiting a blonde friend named Alina who lived in the area. Tara, Samuel and Michael all follow Alina on Instagram.

michael tara samuel follow
Samuel and Michael follow Tara’s friend Alina on social media. Source: Instagram.

Michael started liking photos of his Beauty and the Geek GF Tara once she arrived in Tübingen, whereas Samuel was liking photos from the start of the trip.

The two friends later went on to visit Stuttgart, with pictures posted in early June.

On June 9, Tara appeared to return to Berlin, as she posted another picture at the East Side Gallery. That’s the same day Samuel posted his first photo in the German capital!

On June 17, Samuel posted a picture of himself in front of the same mural on what remains of the Berlin Wall.

He appeared to be wearing the same outfit as he did in his first Berlin snap (minus the bucket hat) and the picture was shared after several other posts from his next destination, Amsterdam.

This seems to suggest Samuel had posted the picture out of chronological order, so who knows how many of the Beauty and the Geek stars’ snaps were strategically shared at different times.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Both Tara and Samuel posted pictures in the Netherlands on July 13. Tara posed in front of the iconic canals and wandered the streets of Amsterdam, where she still appeared to be travelling with her friend Alina.

It’s also the first time we spotted Tara in a bulky brown corduroy jacket.

Remember how a fan spotted Michael in the back of one of her photos? It was when they were in Amsterdam!

If you look carefully, there’s a suspiciously Michael-shaped figure next to Samuel in the background of Tara’s snap, as she shopped for preowned clothes at a local market.

Meanwhile, Samuel shared a carousel of photos on June 14, including one of him meeting up with an unidentified friend for coffee.

He later shared a slew of throwback photos on June 14, hiding a new photo of him in Amsterdam at the very end of the carousel.

On June 24, Samuel shared a throwback of his time in Amsterdam with a blonde female friend, joking that he should have worn sunscreen. To protect himself, Samuel wrapped none other than Tara’s brown jacket around his head!

Samuel also posted a mirror selfie with the caption “I look like a bug”. In the background of the shot, it appears as though there is writing on the wall in another language. We’re no linguists, but it looks German or Dutch.

It also shows another appearance of someone next to Samuel who has a similar height and hair (colour, cut and texture) to Michael.

Could it be that Michael and Tara were together on the trip with Samuel? They likely couldn’t post together due to spoilers of BATG, which wouldn’t air until a month later.

Paris, France

Tara seemingly took a trip to Paris to meet up with her friend Kiki la Bise. BATG’s Michael and Samuel both don’t follow Kiki, so it seems as though the detour was made solo.

Kiki posted a few Instagram reels of her time with Tara in Paris in late June, captioning one of the posts: “TBT [throwback Thursday]”. However, her first post of Paris was shared on June 15.

Still, Tara and Kiki seemingly had someone else take photos of them together in front of various Parisian monuments.

Tara also shared numerous snaps in the city of love, even cheekily captioning one pic in front of the Moulin Rogue theatre: “voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir”. This translate (roughly) to “do you want to sleep with me tonight?”.

Tara moulin rogue paris beauty and the geek
Tara cheekily captioned one snap in Paris with the caption, “voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir,” which translate (roughly) to “do you want to sleep with me tonight?”. Source: Instagram.

Nerja, Spain

Samuel and Tara both posted happy snaps of their last stop before their ‘grams were taken over by Beauty and the Geek snaps. Their final destination was in the Mediterranean resort town of Nerja in Spain.

Even if the Beauty and the Geek co-stars weren’t together in Paris (or Andalucía, another town in Spain that Tara stopped off at), we reckon they definitely met up again (whether it be as friends or something more) in this stunning location.

Tara could even be seen visiting the Caves of Nerja in her brown jacket. At least she got it back!

She also shared an Instagram reel of her time in Spain, which included a clip of Samuel stepping onto the plane in front of her.

Tara also appeared touring Spain with an older couple (was this a meet-the-parents moment?) as well as showing footage of several people at a BBQ.

tara europe samuel
Tara shared an Instagram reel, which showed Samuel stepping onto the plane in front of her. Source: Instagram.

She was clearly attempting to refrain from showing anybody’s face in the clips. However, several shots of Samuel still popped up.

Tara was joined by somebody as they danced together on a hotel balcony, before cutting to a shot of Samuel dancing on the balcony next to hers. So they didn’t share a hotel room?

So Dramatic! has reached out to Samuel, Tara and Michael for comment.

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