It may be the most loved-up and wholesome AF season yet, but since Beauty and the Geek 2022 kicked off, fans have been wondering whether the contestants’ connections with each other are real.

Viewers have watched on with full hearts as our Beauties and Geeks find their footing — and romance — as they compete for $100,00 in prize money.

So far, Michael Gebicki and Tara Schwarz, Mike Gambaro and Heidi Mitchell, Jayden Darcy and Aimee Woolley, as well as Sam Mitchell and Angelique Nguyen have all seen sparks fly in their pairings.

But is it all for show?

With rising concerns that producers are forcing the Beauties and Geeks to amp up the love, contestant Daniella Caceres says there was “definitely no pressure”.

“I did go into it with an open heart and I thought ‘if there was someone for me, I definitely will put in my all’,” she admitted to WHO.

Although she didn’t mind a love match with her Geek Nate Campbell, their friendship was like no other.

“We connected in the first mixer, he was the first Geek that I spoke to,” the Miss Universe finalist revealed. “There was a reason as to why we got put together and it’s because of the connection we had.”

daniella nate beauty and the geek 2022
Daniella Caceres said she and her Geek Nate Campbell formed a strong bond from Day One. Source: Nine.

However, the duo admitted much of their partnership was “left out” of the final cut.

“You just don’t see everything that happens on camera is the thing… They left out a heavy chunk of stuff,” Nate said.

As for their co-stars, the romantic connections were palpable.

“Michael and Tara, especially,” the 20-year-old said. “I saw them meet up and was electric in real life like it was on TV. It was crazy.”

What Else Don’t Viewers See on Beauty and the Geek Australia?

Nate added that there’s a whole lot of clapping happening on the Beauty and the Geek set that eventually gets condensed when the show goes to air.

“I think [we had to clap] like three times minimum,” he said, noting that the contestants had to clap on cue.

Nate continued: “Every time you see someone clap that had to be done at least three times.” LOL!

beauty and the geek reveal
The Beauty and the Geek cast are made to clap multiple times to get the perfect shot for TV. Source: Nine.

The same went for the “big reveals”. Daniella said the cast had to react to the same thing multiple times to get the “good shot”.

“Our reactions are real, but just to get the good shot we did have to do it a couple of times,” she dished.

Ah, the joys of reality TV, hey?!

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