Beauty and the Geek 2022‘s Mike Gambaro has revealed the truth about a recently unearthed photo that fans believe proves he’s a “fake” geek.

Every season, viewers question the authenticity of the men on the show, pondering whether they’re actors who just play up the quirkiness for the camera.

When he first stepped into BATG HQ, 20-year-old Mike’s hair stuck out haphazardly, and his beard needed to be introduced to some shearers.

mike gambaro beauty and the geek
Beauty and the Geek 2022‘s Mike Gambaro has revealed the truth about a recently unearthed image that fans believe proves he’s a “fake” geek. Source: Nine.

After winning a challenge, the radio panel operator became the first Geek of 2022 to cop a much sought-after makeover from stylist Jeff Lack.

However, fans suggested he may not have needed it after finding an old photo of him looking less geeky and more how you doin’?.

In the since-deleted snap from October 2021, Mike looked more clean-shaven with styled hair as he sported a Ghostbusters getup.

mike gambaro before beauty and the geek
Fans think this unearthed photo of Mike shows he’s not a real geek. Source: Instagram @mikegambaro.

Don’t be fooled by what you see online, though! At least, that’s what Mike believes after hearing rumours that he was an actor pretending to be a geek.

“I did see that. My thought was ‘I’m an actor?'” he told WHO, adding that it was “literally the biggest compliment”.

“I was so happy to hear that.”

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As for the sus image in question, the Batman fanatic said there’s one thing to thank for his beard appearing tamer: sweat.

“I was sweating so much,” he confessed. “I’m [from] Queensland, and I’m in that big Ghostbusters costume… so the beard looks a lot shorter in the photo.

“That actually is just because I’m so drenched in sweat.” LOL!

Beauty and the Geek Host Sophie Monk Previously Addressed “Fake” Geek Rumours

Mike’s Beauty and the Geek co-star Michael Gebicki was also flagged as a potential imposter, however, host Sophie Monk says it’s far from the truth.

According to the Nine mainstay, the Geeks “would be so flattered” to hear that people think they’re actors.

“Someone even asked me if we geek them up more, and I’ve watched their audition tapes, if anything, they are less geeked up in the promo!”

Case closed!

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