Beauty and the Geek 2022 is finally here, and everyone’s favourite wholesome show has yet again, captured the hearts of fans in just one episode!

Host Sophie Monk previously promised that there would be “sparks flying right from the start” and DAMN, she wasn’t wrong!

However, before there was romance, there were mermaids, trains and nasal spray.

beauty and the geek tara mermaid
Beauty and the Geek is back, baby, and everyone’s favourite wholesome show has captured the hearts of fans in just one episode yet again. Source: Nine.

Oh, and a wild AF SAS Australia-esque intro had everyone belly-laughing. Good lord, we love this show!

Naturally, Twitter lapped up every single one of Sophie’s iconic jokes and fell in love with the beauties and geeks.

So, what did they have to say about the inaugural episode of Beauty and the Geek 2022?

Sophie Monk Is a National Treasure and No One Can Tell Us Otherwise

As a self-confessed geek herself, Sophie has that certain je ne sais quoi that is made for BATG.

From her awkward one-liners to her affinity for always dressing for the occasion, we’re just not sure anyone could take her place.

The First Date of Beauty and the Geek 2022 Had Everyone Clutching for the Tissues

After being impressed by Tegan Burns‘ moves in an obstacle course, geek Anthony Farah rounded up some courage to ask the dancer on the season’s first date!

There was segway riding and fangirling/fanboying over their shared love of Harry Potter. Plus, some seriously deep and meaningful conversation as Anthony confessed he’s struggled with confidence after growing up being bullied.

However, just as there was a glimmer of romance, the proud Gryffindor confessed he “wasn’t ready” for his first kiss just yet.

Ummm, protect him at all costs!

Karly Choo-Choo-Chooses Train Enthusiast Aaron as Her Favourite Geek

Pocket rocket Karly Fisher revealed in her official bio for the show that people *literally* compare her to Donkey from Shrek and TBH, it ain’t hard to understand why!

The 28-year-old could talk underwater — and in her sleep, she revealed — and she just has the most contagious smile and personality. Still, she was hoping to meet a geek that could bring out her calm side.

Enter Aaron Seeto, the train-loving romantic who won us over with his nasal spray, which helps clear his nerves-induced stuffy nose. Bless his cotton socks!

We’re Calling It Now: Tara and Michael for the Win

Fireworks, sparks and any other pyrotechnics that could go off in the wake of romance did go off once Michael Gebicki set his sights on the real-life mermaid, Tara Schwarz.

Okay, so she’s not a REAL mermaid, but a kid’s entertainer who dresses as a mermaid for a living. So, for Michael who is also a children’s party entertainer, he knew he’d hit the absolute jackpot.

Everyone on Twitter can’t wait to see this cute AF romance evolve, as well as the geek’s inevitable makeover.

Bring on episode two of Beauty and the Geek 2022, stat!

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