The Bachelorette Australia‘s Brooke Blurton says that she’s “f*cking over” talking about former bestie Abbie Chatfield after copping backlash over a brutal AF Instagram statement she made about their friendship.

ICYMI: There was a major brouhaha after Abbie “hard launched” her relationship with Brooke’s third runner-up, Konrad Bien-Stephen, the night before The Bachelorette 2021 finale aired. Abbie also appeared in the final episode as one of Brooke’s loved ones.

For a hot second, it seemed like the estranged duo had rekindled their friendship after the 27-year-old commended Abbie on her bravery for opening up about her abortion.

brooke blurton abbie chatfield
The Bachelorette Australia‘s Brooke Blurton has said that former bestie Abbie Chatfield “neglected” their friendship in a brutal statement on Instagram. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

However, during an Instagram Q&A on July 16, Brooke revealed this was “unfortunately not” the case and that the new Masked Singer Australia judge is “not her jam” after she reportedly “neglected” their friendship.

Now, Brooke’s come back swinging after fans have accused her of being “passive-aggressive” in her response.

Taking to her Story on July 18, she said she was “done” talking about their fallout.

“I’m done answering your Q&A questions about the Abbie thing because I feel like every time I answer honestly and how I feel about it, it just gets blown out of proportion,” she said. “It gets totally blown out of context, and I’m f*cking over it.

“I don’t want to have to deal with comments like, ‘Why are you being so passive-aggressive? Why are you opening a can of worms? You’re just jealous’. No, I’m f*cking not. I live my life the way that I live my life.”

Brooke then went on to say that the “reality” of her life is that she is currently “organising quotes for gravestones” for her grandmother, mother, and sister Ky, the latter of whom died while she was filming The Bachelorette.

“I don’t give a f*ck about anything to do with this f*cking feud that people want to make out [I have].”

What Did Brooke Blurton Say In Her Original Statement?

After a fan asked whether she and Abbie were “friends again”, the newly minted podcast host said the aftermath of their fallout “stung for a while”.

“I had a lot of respect for Abbie, still do but as a friend, was really hurt by how she neglected our friendship. [sic],” Brooke confessed.

“[I] still value what she does in the media/social/advocacy work, though I can compartmentalize and say that once a friend hurts me, I can’t always look pass that. [sic].”

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According to Brooke, Abbie had “made up her mind” to “avoid anything to do” with her. As such, the former Bachette decided to “close that chapter” of their relationship.

“Think she’s still great if you connect and resonate with her,” she concluded. “Though not my jam.” OUCH!

Read Brooke’s full statement below:

brooke blurton statement abbie chatfield instagram
Brooke Blurton said Abbie Chatfield chose to “avoid” her. Source: Instagram @brooke.blurton.

The spicy post comes after she revealed on her podcast, Not So PG, that Abbie wasn’t her first choice to appear as a loved one on The Bachelorette.

“I was so upset,” she said. “So a lot of people don’t know this, that my original friends, I guess who I had chosen specifically to be you know, my point of reference in that last decision making on The Bachelorette was [podcast co-host] Matty [Mills] and Amy [Thunig], and I didn’t originally choose Abbie.”

Brooke Blurton’s Savage Dig About Ex-Boyfriend Darvid Garayeli

Abbie isn’t the only one Brooke has recently savaged in the media.

Appearing on Angie Kent and Yvie JonesTwo Girls One Pod podcast, the reality star admitted that had she met her Bachelorette pick Darvid Garayeli outside of the show, he probs wouldn’t have gotten her final rose.

“I feel like I wish I had my people around me to support me through it because I picked someone who I probably wouldn’t actually ever approach ever,” she said in July.

brooke darvid
Brooke recently said that she wouldn’t have approached Darvid outside of the show. Source: Ten.

Pouring more fuel on the fire, Brooke confessed that she “needed” a partner who was “more of a deeper thinker”.

“Someone who is… a bit more emotionally mature and has kind of their sh*t together. [sic].”

Her brutal commentary follows Darvid’s recent comments about where he stands with his ex.

During an Instagram Q&A on June 21, a follower asked whether he’s “still friends with Brooke”.

Alongside a photo of a fireplace, Darvid penned: “It’s a strong no from me 💀.” Yikes!

darvid brooke still friends bachelorette
Darvid said it’s a “strong no” to a friendship with Brooke. Source: Instagram @darvgarayeli.

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