Angie Kent has come to the defence of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 “villain” bride Tamara Djordjevic and her high standards.

The “fussy” bride, who is paired with Brent Vitiello, has copped criticism en masse for suggesting hospitality and retail workers aren’t “ambitious”.

Now, former Bachelorette Angie has come to Tamara’s defence in her Yahoo Lifestyle column, questioning why the newlywed is being dubbed a villain for having high expectations for a partner.

“Why do we have to make the woman a villain because she wants a man with ambition?” she asked.

Adding that she can “totally see where Tamara’s coming from”, the 32-year-old said the bride’s reasoning for these standards is warranted.

“Most women are exhausted from having to look after man babies and then they gaslight us because we want more than mediocre,” she penned. “It would be jarring to hear it the way she explained it originally, but it seems it was a way to protect herself.”

In a recent episode of Married at First Sight, Tamara revealed these standards come as a result of having to “baby” partners in the past.

What Did Tamara Djordjevic Say About Retail Workers?

During her wedding to Brent, Tamara made constant jabs at her groom and immediately turned her nose up upon learning of his career in hospitality.

Long story short: the operations manager looks down on “unambitious” people working in hospitality and retail and prefers a man who is “on her level” in terms of financial and life goals. Oh, and she absolutely despises the way Brent uses his cutlery.

As expected, she earned a tonne of backlash online in the wake of the episode.

However, the controversial bride appeared on The Today Show to offer up a bizarre explanation for her savage comments.

The Queensland native insisted she was “hungry” and didn’t mean anything she said to Brent at the wedding.

She also brushed off degrading comments she made about retail and hospitality employees (AKA the essential workers).

Tamara Djordjevic Brent Vitiello Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Tamara Djordjevic explained that her comments at the wedding were the result of being hungry. Source: Nine.

Tamara explained: “Brent said, ‘The way I look down on people in retail’, That is not what I was saying. I couldn’t articulate myself properly! I was so hungry, I hadn’t eaten all day”.

She also admitted to knowing she’d “dug herself a hole.”

“I would just like to clarify so that I can still go shopping again: I have absolutely no qualms about retail.”

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