Big Brother Australia’s finale was bound to have a couple of hiccups with a live format but production certainly didn’t expect Josh Goudswaard and Anthony “Drew” Drew to go totally rogue.

With comments that singlehandedly pushed feminism back by a few decades, Josh and Drew stole the show (in all the wrong ways).

Big Brother Australia fans on Twitter immediately lapped up the dregs of drama in the otherwise slow finale, with some roasting the dodgy duo and others praising them for their uncensored antics.

Big Brother 2022’s First Evictee Josh Goudswaard Claimed He Was the Reason His Ex Sam Manovski Made It On the Show

Between getting host Sonia Kruger to chat with Josh and sitting him directly behind Tim Dormer, the finale’s producers didn’t seem to realise what chaos they were about to unleash on live television.

When he wasn’t busy interrupting other housemates or peaking his head in front of the camera, Josh was getting ready to use his minute in the spotlight to expose behind-the-scenes production secrets.

Sam Manovski Josh Goudswaard big brother
Josh Goudswaard claimed he convinced Big Brother Australia‘s production to cast Sam Manovski on the show with them. Source: Seven

As he already told So Dramatic! exclusively, Josh seemed to think he was the reason Sam Manovski was on the show.

“Y’all approached me to make some great TV and I did that but I said, ‘unless you put them on there’,” Josh said.

He claimed he orchestrated the whole thing in the middle of the pandemic so he could see Sam even though they were on different sides of the border, suggesting the show needed more drama because the season was filled with “has-been” OG players.  

While most viewers were cringing at Josh’s interactions, some fans were LIVING for the drama.

Big Brother Australia‘s Drew FINALLY Addressed the Controversy About the Girlfriend Deal He Made With Joel

Josh certainly wasn’t the only housemate to put his foot in his mouth on live television, with Drew proving that sometimes Big Brother’s editing is absolutely necessary.

After a few minutes of squirming in his seat and “weaselling out”, Drew finally admitted the controversial deal he made with Joel Notley was actually about voting to evict their respective girlfriends, Sam and Aleisha Campbell.

“You plot to vote out your house girlfriend once, and you’re a bad guy,” Drew joked before admitting the truth because he couldn’t “hide anymore”.

He went on to joke he should have made the alliance with Aleisha because she wouldn’t “dog him” as Joel did. Yikes!

Not to be outdone by his own past behaviour, Drew also made sure to slip in truly shocking statements about the (non-existent “love triangle” between himself, Sam and his former girlfriend Tully Smyth.

drew sam tully gabbie
Drew also made sure to slip in truly shocking statements about the (non-existent “love triangle” between himself, Sam and his former girlfriend Tully Smyth. Awkward! Source: Seven

When asked why he hooked up with a housemate during his Big Brother stints, Drew gave a genuinely bizarre analogy about his past dating experience and retail career, joking he liked to shop for clothing (read: women) who fit him nicely.

“I used to work in a clothing store and I’d like the clothes,” Drew started before Josh interrupted.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“You’d like the women in the clothes…”

“But you’d have to get used to what you were around, and you’d think ‘that actually looks pretty good on me’,” Drew said.

Um, so that made zero sense but did Drew compare women to inanimate wearable objects?

Meanwhile, Tully wasn’t having any of the “love triangle” BS, immediately pointing out her boyfriend in the crowd and telling Sonia she thought Drew would couple up quicker than the nine days it took him to get involved with Sam.

“He’s got a good average, Sonia,” Tully said.

*Eye roll* emoji!

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