Josh Goudswaard may have been booted from Big Brother Australia 2022 after five seconds, however, it didn’t stopped him from going rogue on social media.

Just ONE day after being evicted on-screen, Josh took to Instagram with a vengeance against the show AND lovebirds, Sam Manovski and Anthony Drew.

Big Brother was accused of harbouring a MAJOR cover up after the housemate’s revelations, with fans alleging that the show was not a true reflection of what really went down between him and his former flame.

josh goudswaard big brother australia 2022
After Josh has spilled the tea about Big Brother, a source came through with all the goss about HIM. Source: Seven.

Now, So Dramatic! has recieved leaked texts that confirm that Josh and Sam did, in fact, know each other before filming. And, they even came up with a plan together!

As revealed in episode 186 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the first set of messages is a conversation between Josh and one of the Big Brother producers, in which they discuss getting Sam on the show.

The producer asked the 32-year-old to send them Sam’s number because “she looks amazing”.

Josh then sent her number through, adding that he will “marry that woman [Sam] one day”.

“Maybe a BB wedding. Cool magazine spread. Is she single and ready for you?” the producer followed up.

Josh said that he was under the impression she “was not seeing anyone seriously”.

After conversing with the Big Brother producer to get her on the show, another set of leaked texts reveal that Josh actually sent screenshots of the chat to Sam’s mum, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth replied: “Omg I truly hope you do make it happen.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

According to the source, Sam’s family were used as a conduit between her and Josh so the pair didn’t get into trouble from executives.

Plus, if he was messaging her mum… things must have been pretty serious at one point!

There Were MORE Messages Between Sam’s Mum and Josh Prior to Big Brother

A further set of messages between Elizabeth and Josh confirm that the housemates had a plan from the get-go.

The plan was for Sam to target the “cute boys” and “wrap some around her finger”. Well, that sure did happen, didn’t it?!

“Then BAM eventually I’ll control a group and she can be influential in hers,” Josh wrote. “Just stress to her that she needs to take me aside first opportunity we get so I can tell her my strategy,” Josh finished.

josh goudswaard and sam manovski text messages
Josh was in continued contact with Sam’s mum. Source: Supplied.

Aaaaand if that still wasn’t enough tea for you, we were also sent a snap from December last year of Josh and Sam shopping together. The clip was once up on Josh’s Instagram story.

The receipts don’t lie!

big brother australia 2022 josh goudswaard samantha manovski
Josh and Sam went shopping together last year. Source: Supplied.

This Is Not the First Time a Source Close to Josh Came Through With Receipts

This is not the first revelation about Josh and Sam’s fling that has emerged since he left the Big Brother house.

As reported in episode 184 of the So Dramatic! Podcast, a friend of Josh’s, dished some SERIOUS dirt, clarifying the model’s claims about his relationship with Sam.

So, the day after his eviction Josh went rogue on Instagram and slammed the show, claiming that the edit was not a true reflection of what went down between him and fellow housemate Sam.

josh sam big brother australia 2022
Josh convinced producers to get Sam on Big Brother. Source: Seven.

And it turns out that Sam and Josh were much more than Tinder dates.

According to our source, Josh’s best friend was very sadly dying of cancer, and Josh didn’t want to leave his side to go on the show. The only thing that would make him willing was if he and Sam could “restart their love story”.

“She [Sam] 100% knew Josh was going on the show; they both just pretended they didn’t before because it would be a threat,” the source dished.

“Josh called her and said: ‘Hey I’ve been approached for Big Brother and due to COVID we cant hang out at the moment, so how about I put you forward for the show?’

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“She agreed and Josh then asked her: ‘Could this be the restart of our love story?'”

Sam said yes, however, backtracked after she was confirmed as a housemate.

Sam Only Had Eyes For Drew

According to our source, Sam had known Drew prior to going on the show and had given him her number in the past.

“She had a massive crush on him,” they confirmed.

This was why she changed her mind and acted the way she did towards Josh – because she always knew that Drew was coming in.

drew big brother
Sam had a YUGE crush on Drew prior to entering Big Brother. Source: Seven.

In short, the insider claimed that Sam “used” josh to get on the show and then flipped the switch just before entering the house.

They added that Josh “really loved her,” and “had no idea that she would use someone else’s heart like that.”

Do Sam and Drew Go the Distance?

According to the source, Sam should have thought twice before throwing Josh under the bus because things do not look good for her and Drew!

Apparently, their relationship only lasted for around two months.

“After they broke up, [Drew] told one of the other girls that he didn’t know what he was thinking dating her,” the source spilled.


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