Things are starting to heat up between Big Brother Australia 2022’s Anthony “Drew” Drew and Sam Manovski, however, since the series wrapped filming months ago, it seems the OG has already moved on with a new girlfriend.

According to PedestrianTV — and a very “spicy” screenshotDrew’s new bae is still a gorgeous brunette, but it’s not intimacy coach, Sam!

drew big brother
Big Brother Australia’s Drew has a new girlfriend, but it’s NOT Sam Manovski. Source: Seven.

The article’s author took the screenshot back in March and saved the damning piece of evidence on their phone.

It showcased a pic of Drew with a woman named Bianca, accompanied by some (very small) text: “the greatest thing I’ve ever known”. Wut?!

Oh, and that’s not all. They were also going in for a SMOOCH!

Firstly, surely this is breaking some sort of Big Brother Australia non-disclosure agreement and secondly, he was clearly not trying to hide it!

Drew and his new bae, took to Instagram in March. Source: Instagram/PedestrianTV.

Drew and Samantha’s Relationship on Big Brother Australia

From the moment Drew entered the Big Brother Australia house, it was obvious that love was about to blossom between him and Sam. And since it was alluded to in an official trailer before the season even began, it was also clear that this would be a HUGE storyline.

Sam and Drew quickly became each other’s person, sneaking into each other’s beds, kissing and proving to the housemates that they were a power duo.

However, during a celebration for Sam’s birthday, things took a turn when Drew’s ex (and former Big Brother castmate) Tully Smyth entered the house.

Sam and Drew Only Lasted Two Months Post-Big Brother Australia 2022

According to a very well-placed Big Brother Australia 2022 source, Sam and Drew’s relationship only lasted two months outside of the house.

“After they broke up, [Drew] told one of the other girls that he didn’t know what he was thinking dating her,” the source spilled to So Dramatic!


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A Messy “Love” Triangle Between Tully, Drew and Sam Formed

When Tully entered the house, Sam was rightfully p*ssed at Big Brother.

Firstly, she entered on Sam’s birthday and secondly, it was a bit sh*t that she was in the house at all.

big brother tully
Tully arrived in the Big Brother Australia 2022 house on Sam’s birthday. Source: Seven.

Of course, being a BB fan herself, Sam knew what this meant. She was going to have to live with her new boo AND his former flame. Yikes!

Then, during the elimination challenge, Tully went for Drew’s house-bae by saying: “Hey Sam, I’m coming for you.”

While Sam is less than thrilled for Tully to be in the house, host Sonia Kruger thinks having the former exes inside is a great addition, even going as far as to say that she is “obsessed” with Tully and Drew’s love story.

“Tully and Drew, I’m a little bit obsessed with their relationship because they fell in love in front of us ten years ago. I think their relationship on the outside has been on-again, off-again for the last ten years..” she told  Yahoo! Lifestyle recently.

“But to me, there’s something unfinished there between the two of them,” she added.


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