It was the moment we have all been waiting for on Big Brother Australia 2022: Tully Smyth made her grand entrance into the house and made things reeeal awkward between her former flame Anthony Drew and his new girlfriend Sam Manovski. 

It’s Sam’s bday, so naturally, the entire episode kicks off with her and Drew hooking up and to be honest, that should have been us.

During the first challenge, Drew had to pump a balloon and we had to watch everyone compliment his “pumping skills” and “long hard strokes.” It was A LOT.

big brother drew challenge
Drew won a challenge while Sam complimented his “pumping.” Source: Seven.

Tully Makes Her Grand Entrance

This was followed by a very MAFS-Esque dinner party (seriously, what show are we watching again?) where Big Brother bought in the big guns.

Firstly he announced the head of house (where one housemate was given a whole heap of power), but let’s be real, no one gives a f*ck about that because the first HoH was…TULLY!

Tim Dormer — our resident sh*t stirrer — then took it upon himself to tell Tully that Drew did, in fact, have a girlfriend.

Tully’s reply?

 “He’s not single for long” and “wow, one week?” It was history-making.

big brother australia 2022 tully arrives

Tully, Drew and Tim Go to the VIP Section

After being in the house a hot minute, Tully was tasked with selecting housemates she’d like to spend time in the VIP section of the house.

Of course, she selected fellow 2013 royals Tim and Drew to have access to her swanky head of house room.

Meanwhile, everyone else lied to Sam’s face and tried to reassure her she had nothing to worry about.

big brother tim tully drew
Tully took Tim and drew to the VIP section with her. Source: Seven.

Tully and Drew then revealed where they currently stood (you can get ya #Drully fix here) while Tim commentated. 

He also pointed out that Tully – who currently has a boyfriend – was shacked up with someone last time she was in the house. #NeverForget.

They also made fun of the J crew which TBH, was warranted. 

Sam was PISSED With Big Brother 

Sam told Big Brother she was annoyed with him and duh, who wouldn’t be?

She then pulled Drew aside to do the ~*iM FinE*~ while trying not to cry. Drew then told her that he and Tully still talk all the time and bruh, you aren’t helping.

big brother sam manovski
Sam was NOT happy, Jan! Source: Seven.

Challenge time

Tully went up against Sam in the second challenge of the episode, telling her: “Hey Sam, I’m coming for you.”

Asdfghk sorry??

Um, Big Brother, this Sam/Tully/Drew love triangle is too much!

Please enjoy this carefully curated collection of funny as f*ck tweets below.

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