In a tale as old as Big Brother Australia (that’s 21 years, FYI), two of the 2022 housemates already knew each other before entering the house.

In celebration of the show’s milestone birthday, Big Brother “royalty” and all-new “contenders” go head-to-head as they strive to survive multiple evictions over 62 days in the competition.

While Big Brother looks back on its formative series, it appears its contestants are faced with their own pasts, too!

As revealed in episode 182 of the So Dramatic! podcast, 2013 heartthrob Anthony Drew (AKA Drew) and BB newbie Josh Goudswaard met prior to their venture into the 2022 house.

One supersleuth discovered their connection via Twitter, where one user shared a surprising snap of the duo.

“Gonna be so curious if Drew is going to remember Josh from the time they modelled together,” they penned.

drew josh big brother australia 2022
Drew and Josh know each other through their modelling careers. Source: Supplied/Twitter.

“The reality TV pyramid scheme never stops…” And ain’t that the truth!

The picture featured Drew and Josh at an event together, as well as Love Island Australia‘s Justin Lacko.

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The REAL Reason Behind Josh’s Appearance On Big Brother Australia 2022

As revealed in the first episode of Big Brother Australia 2022, old mate Josh and co-star Sam Manovski actually went on a few Tinder dates IRL.

While nothing came of the relationship, Josh has still held a candle for her, which is reportedly the reason behind Josh’s appearance in the Big Brother house.

sam big brother australia 2022
Josh reportedly swindled his way into the house in order to “proclaim his love” for Sam Manovski. Source: Seven.

According to one So Dramatic! spy, Josh told producers he wanted to confess his love for Sam.

“I have it on real good authority (like close to the source authority) that Josh actually went into the house to proclaim his love for one of the female contestants,” the insider said. ” The producers apparently loved it and let him in.”

However, the source said it “didn’t go down well” and Josh “begged the producers to take it out”. LOL!

As we know, Sam strikes up a romance with Drew in the house, so could Josh’s hopes of a reunion be snuffed?

Did Josh and Sam Know They Were Both Going to Compete On Big Brother?

According to the insider it was “[definitely] no coincidence” that Josh and Sam are both on Big Brother.

However, there’s a lil’ bit of a conspiracy as to who knew what.

“Did some digging and it’s hard to know what’s true,” the source told So Dramatic!. “Either [Sam] didn’t know and he went on (knowing she was there) and embarrassed the sh*t out of himself… OR, apparently, [Josh’s] side of the story is that he got her on the show.” Huh?

Make it make sense!

Who Is Josh Goudswaard from Big Brother Australia 2022?

While fans of the hit series are well acquainted with our OG teen crush Drew, Josh is a bit more of a mystery.

The 32-year-old is a former international model who has partnered with some pretty yuge brands, such as Calvin Klein and Vogue Italia.

josh goudswaard big brother 2022 promo
Josh has worked as a model for a number of international brands. Source: Seven.

Josh currently runs his own business north of Byron Bay, working for himself as a house painter. And yes, consider this our official prediction that he’ll make a guest appearance in season two of Netflix’ Byron Baes.

As comes with the territory of being a Byron local, Josh loves the outdoors and can often be found surfing, camping, fishing and walking his pup, Bowie.

In a promo trailer for Josh’s Big Brother Australia venture, the painter positioned himself to be quite the troublemaker!

“I want to be a leader in the house, I’ve got no desire to be a sheep,” he confessed. “I probably will get underneath people’s skin.”

Adding that he’s “very direct”, Josh said he’ll “step on toes” and “ruffle feathers”.

“I’m in there to step on toes, I’ll break hearts and I’ll piss people off.”


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