Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022‘s Carla From Bankstown had dished on the real reason why she unfollowed her co-star Ronnie Caceres on Instagram.

The breakout star garnered a whole lotta support from fans and walked away from the series a few friendships richer, however, Carla — whose real name is Benjahmin James — is having none of The Block alum post-show.

In an exclusive chat with the So Dramatic! podcast’s host Megan Pustetto, the drag queen dished the dirt on Ronnie, who caused quite the stir during filming.

“I haven’t spoken to Ronnie since the show finished,” she said during episode 195 of the podcast. “I unfollowed him on Instagram, he unfollowed me.”

According to Carla, everyone had to follow each other on Instagram while the show was airing, however, now that it’s dunzo, “everyone’s picking who they want to follow and unfollow”.

There’s no doubt that Ronnie came off Celebrity Apprentice looking like a dirty dog, thanks to his attitude towards his co-stars and his secret alliance with Married at First Sight‘s Beck Zemek — something the rest of the cast only found out about when the show went to air.

ronnie beck celeb apprentice
Ronnie’s Celebrity Apprentice co-stars were unaware of his alliance with MAFS‘ Beck Zemek. Source: Nine.

“I knew that they were close, which was pretty obvious because they were friends,” Carla said of the pact that saw Samantha Jade fired from the show. “But none of us had any idea that they had formed that alliance.”

Carla added that it was “funny” that they were all so oblivious to Ronnie and Beck’s scheme, considering they were just “two feet away from them” when they made the pact.

“We had no f*cking clue what was happening.”

The Celebrity Apprentice Cast Called Ronnie Out Multiple Times But It Was Never Shown On TV

When asked whether anybody called Ronnie out on his sh*t, Carla said she questioned his treatment of Turia Pitt.

“Turia was visibly upset because she’d just been hammered in the boardroom by Ronnie,” she recalled. “I just kind of said, ‘Hey Ronnie, what’s your problem with Turia? Then it kind of just escalated from there.”

Still, Carla “[feels] like there was a lot they could have put on TV” of Ronnie getting blasted “but they didn’t really put that in there”.

ronnie turia celeb apprentice
Carla admitted to calling Ronnie out for his treatment of Turia Pitt. Source: Nine.

The 28-year-old added that Darren McMullen was also “very vocal” about his dislike for the TV renovator, which comes after winner Benji Marshall admitted HR was called in to diffuse tension concerning Ronnie.

However, Carla maintains that she “didn’t really have any issues” with Ronnie while filming until he began backtracking on his “gronk” behaviour.

“On-camera it was like a different person to off-camera,” she admitted. “Like, he would say all this sh*t to you on-camera and then off-camera, he’d be your best mate.

“I was just like, if you’re going to be a gronk, be a gronk 100 per cent of the time… Don’t f*cking backtrack and pretend to be nice because we all know it’s fake so I don’t want to talk to you.”

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