The Bachelor Australia‘s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston have received death threats and a “gross invasion of the basic human right to feel safe” after sharing their controversial opinion on OnlyFans.

On June 19, the couple doubled down on their initial stance that there are other ways to “empower” yourself, before claiming other people shouldn’t go on the “attack” when faced with an opinion they don’t agree with.

On June 19, couple doubled down on their initial statement about reality stars joining OnlyFans. Source: Instagram

The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly Doubled Down On Their Controversial OnlyFans Take

“You may have seen a post we shared this week talking about OnlyFans,” they wrote in a lengthy statement on Instagram.

“Like almost everything online in 2022, it was met with strong reactions. We wanted to share some subsequent thoughts.

“Over the last year, we have received literally hundreds of messages that assumed that, because we met on a reality TV show, we would be setting up an OnlyFans account. We will not be,” they said. Uh, that’s literally all you had to say in the first place. 

“We have no issue with someone who freely and legally works in the sex industry, whether it is on OnlyFans or elsewhere. However, like most people who have reached out to us, we don’t believe it is the best way to promote male/female empowerment to young people. That’s just our opinion,” they added.

The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly Received Death Threats After Sharing Their Opinion About OnlyFans

However, some of the messages Holly and Jimmy have received made them feel unsafe, which is never okay.

“We have since been subjected to abusive messages, character assassinations, cancellation attempts, death threats and a gross invasion of the basic human right to feel safe in your own home,” they said.

“We understand that social media can be a very powerful and equally unpleasant place. We have enjoyed opening up our lives on social media and connecting with lovely people from all over the world.”

The reality stars said they understood people wouldn’t always agree with them, but claimed it was a “sad reflection on the public conversation in Australia” that disagreements could “morph into hatred so readily”.

The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly Claimed Their Opinions On OnlyFans Were Still “Progressive”

“We believe that being ‘progressive and open-minded’ doesn’t mean you have to have the same, narrow worldview as other people who call themselves ‘progressive and open-minded,” they said. True, but IDK who would call their opinion progressive? Just our opinion.

However, they went on to give a statement we all can agree with. 

“It is not acceptable to bully, harass or threaten anyone (online or in the real world), whether you disagree with them or not,” they said.

They continued, seemingly calling out fellow influencers like Abbie Chatfield, who shared their own opinions on the topic.

abbie holly jimmy onlyfans
Abbie tried to reach out to Holly about her “worrying” post via Instagram DM. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

“Furthermore, if you have a public profile, we believe it is especially important to encourage a constructive, no-biased discussion rather than an attack,” they said.

Holly and Jimmy finished their lengthy statement by explaining it was the last time they would comment on the controversy. 

Jimmy and Holly Have Taken to Blocking People Who Speak Out Against Their OnlyFans Take

Despite decreeing that everyone is allowed to have an opinion, the couple has reportedly taken to blocking anyone who speaks out against their view on OnlyFans.

This includes influencer and Sunroom founder Michelle Battersby, who told So Dramatic! that Holly blocked her after mentioning the incident at a recent Vogue Codes panel event.

“I was asked a question about the stigma associated with making money online,” Michelle said. “I brought [Jimmy and Holly] up saying this is timely.”

michelle battersby jimmy holly
Sunroom founder Michelle Battersby revealed she was blocked by Holly Kingston. Source: Instagram @michellebattersby.

She then explained that she told attendees that The Bachelor couple’s stance is a “prime example of perpetuating stigmas”.

Michelle also added: “There’s a lot of power in challenging your long-standing beliefs.”

So, What Did Jimmy and Holly Actually Say About OnlyFans To Make People So Upset?

In the original Instagram story posted on June 14, Holly claimed the duo had “no judgement” towards anybody who used OnlyFans blissfully unaware of her boyfriend Jimmy sarcastically rolling his eyes behind her.

“I think there’s been a little bit of a trend in people coming off reality shows and leveraging that degree of fame to then sell nudes online,” Holly said.

“My problem with it is people saying they’re doing it because it’s female empowerment or male empowerment, I think that’s a load of sh*t personally,” Jimmy said.

He explained that people who want to “celebrate male or female empowerment,” should instead be “role models to future generations”.

On June 15, Holly took to her Instagram Story again to clarify — and double down — on the couple’s OnlyFans stance.

holly kingston jimmy onlyfans
Holly took to Instagram again to double down on her take. Source: Instagram @hollykingston.

Posting a number of screenshots from her followers supporting their views, Holly said “99 per cent” of the messages they have received in response have been “in support” of their take.

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