Reality TV sensation Abbie Chatfield has put her fellow The Bachelor Australia alumni Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson on blast after they shared their “problematic” views about OnlyFans.

The Bachelor 2021 couple faced backlash en masse after they slammed the adult content-sharing platform and its creators on June 14, with Jimmy adding that “it’s a load of sh*t” for people to claim they use OnlyFans to “empower” themselves.

They also voiced their disdain for reality stars “leveraging” their TV fame to gain money from the site.

The following day, Abbie — a staunch supporter of the sex industry — took to her Instagram Story to dissect the litany of issues behind the couple’s Instagram post.

abbie jimmy holly friends
Abbie Chatfield has put her fellow Bachelor alumni, Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson, on blast for “problematic” OnlyFans take. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

As someone who has “hung out” with Jimmy and Holly previously, Abbie said she slid into Holly’s DMs “seven minutes” after her initial post to explain how it came across as “slut shamey”.

abbie holly jimmy onlyfans
Abbie tried to reach out to Holly about her “worrying” post via Instagram DM. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

However, after realising that Holly was doubling down on their stance, the 26-year-old took to her own Story to “educate” others on the problematic AF view.

“The tone of voice of ‘no judgement, but here’s our judgement’ is not ideal but no one actually asked you thought of what the morality around OnlyFans or sex work was,” Abbie said. “It just kind of felt like a vessel to speak about your dismissal of people who do OnlyFans.”

She then questioned how Jimmy and Holly using their TV fame to gain sponsorship deals is any different from someone capitalising on their celebrity via the adult content-sharing platform.

Abbie Chatfield Says Influencers Still “Use Their Body” to Sell Products

Explaining that OnlyFans creators and reality stars both “commodify content”, Abbie said sex workers are “very different in the way they are marginalised and treated”.

As for reality stars and influencers: “I think promoting things like skincare and things you need to ingest and you have to try out… That is literally using your body to sell a product.”

The It’s a Lot podcast host then wondered why individuals shouldn’t have the opportunity to “leverage off [fame]”, just because the Bachelor couple wasn’t into it.

“Basically, what you’re saying is, ‘no judgement, but like if you do this — no good. You’ve just leveraged off your reality TV experience’. Which is exactly what all of us have f**king done.”

Abbie also added that she was “uncomfortable” with Jimmy’s apparent judgement because sex work specifically marginalises women, queer people, trans people, non-binary individuals and people of colour.

“All you had to say was ‘it’s not for us, but all the power to you’,” she concluded.

Several hours later, Abbie hopped back online to reveal that Jimmy had called her about her Insta-rant.

Adding that it was a “long seven-minute conversation”, the reality star said Jimmy doubled down on their stance while calling her “aggressive”.

Abbie has since unfollowed both Holly and Jimmy on Instagram.

Several Reality Stars Have Spoken Out Since Jimmy and Holly’s OnlyFans Post

A number of reality stars have spoken out about Holly and Jimmy’s post since it was first posted, albeit to varying degrees.

Holly’s Bachelor co-star Laura O’Loughlin took to her Story on June 15 to condemn the pair, dubbing their take as “embarrassing”.

Meanwhile, Abbie’s Bachie leading man, Matt Agnew added to the pile-on with a meme about casting judgement on others.

Other the other side of the fence, Married at First Sight Australia‘s Cyrell Paule jumped to the couple’s defence.

“Don’t know why they are getting hate for [their view],” she penned on her Instagram Story. “I completely agree.

“It’s your body. And your choice. But cmon… I think there are other ways of ‘Empowering’ one another. [sic].”

The mum of one then explained that the “doesn’t see” why Holly and Jimmy are “being ridiculed” for their opinion.

“They aren’t hating on your career choice or how your making money. [sic],” she continued. “F*ck these days no one can have an opinion anymore without someone being sensitive and getting upset.”

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