Anthony “Drew” Drew has been showing his true colours on Big Brother Australia 2022, with one of his most recent moves calling Jaycee Edwards a “human meat bag”.

During the July 7 episode of the hit show, the OG said that he was nominating newbie Jaycee for his “sanity”.

Drew nominated Jaycee (pictured) for eviction because he “doesn’t have a brain”. Source: Instagram

“This is just for my sanity,” he told Big Brother. “He doesn’t have a brain. Jaycee is a human meat bag. People are thinking for themselves in here and he is not one of them.”

Big Brother Australia‘s Estelle and Lulu Reacted on Twitter to Drew’s Comments

Lulu Oliveira had a surprising reaction to Drew’s comments, possibly suggesting Drew’s comments were targeted toward the people of colour in the house.

“Interesting. Remember the “race card” mentioning [sic],” Lulu asked, tagging Estelle Landy in a since-deleted tweet.

“Oh gosh, I don’t even want to touch it… I was banished from the yard for bringing that up,” Estelle replied.

Lulu Oliveira had a surprising reaction to Drew’s comments, possibly suggesting Drew’s comments were targeted toward the people of colour in the house. Source: Twitter

Lulu also tagged Jaycee in a comment under the same article, writing: “Remember when I told you everything he was saying about you while I was tied to him in the t-shirt? I warned you then and you didn’t believe me. I’m glad you can see a bit of that for yourself [sic]”.

Lulu also tagged Jaycee in a since-deleted tweet. Source: Twitter

The “giant t-shirt” punishment aired on June 1 and came one day after Drew called Lulu a “b*tch” during the water challenge during the May 31 episode.

So Dramatic! has reached out to Drew for comment.

Twitter Reactions To Big Brother‘s Drew Insulting Jaycee

Personally, we’ve NEVER heard of a “human meat bag” so WTAF is it?

According to the ever-reliable Urban Dictionary, it’s “a derogatory name for humans or other biological beings used by non-biological beings (i.e. robots)”. Huh?!

Apparently, the robot Bender said “human meat bag” on Futurama. So um, Drew is a robot?! LOLs.

Drew called Jaycee a “human meatbag” on Big Brother Australia… What does that even mean? Source: Urban Dictionary

Hilariously, Jaycee joked on Instagram that he would be selling “#humanmeatbag” merch for his upcoming music tour.

But Twitter was not so forgiving, pretty much unanimously agreeing Drew was being a “d*ck” throughout the 2022 season.

Twitter Called Out Aleisha for Her Hypocritical “Girl Code” After Nominating Tully

Elsewhere in the episode, Aleisha Campbell was royally p*ssed at Tully Smyth because she kept crying during nominations and evictions.

The newbie comforted the OG, but secretly complained to Big Brother and other housemates that Tully was emotional far too often.

“I feel like there’s one thing I’ve said on repeat and that is, that it’s a game. People need to pull their fingers out and play the game,” Aleisha said.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

But when the head of house Estelle Landy swapped out Tully for Aleisha to be evicted, the fuming newbie was “really angry” that she didn’t hold up the “girl code” alliance. Um, pretty sure Tully identifies as a woman too, love.

Twitter was not impressed at Aleisha’s hypocritical response.

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