Big Brother Australia 2022’s Anthony “Drew” Drew came into the house with one agenda — to win. And a romance with Sam Manovski was not going to stop him.

During a recent interview with the Punkee podcast, Reality Tea, Drew admitted that he had played Sam like a fiddle, with absolutely no remorse for it.

Now, the former couple’s Big Brother housemate Tim Dormer has spoken out in support of Sam.

On Friday, Sam posted a sweet Instagram tribute apologising for the show’s cage incident.

“I looked for someone to blame because I am not ready to admit the truth to myself about this deal that was made behind my back,” referencing the pact her boyfriend made to have her booted from the house.

Reposting the Story, Tim added: “I’m not one for I sold you so’s… You do deserve better.”

YIKES! Shocking considering Tim and Drew are supposed to be “besties.”

What Exactly Did Drew Say About Sam?

During the aforementioned interview, Drew spilled some PIPING hot tea about the truth of his relationship with Sam.

“That chat was about Sam, it was also about Tim, and the royals — the royals being Dave [Graham], Reggie [Bird], and [Trevor],” he said. “Because they were OGs and they were the classics. I needed them to be gone because if I made it to the final three, I wouldn’t stand a chance [against them].”

“That was me getting Joel [Notley] to do my dirty work,” he added. Ooft!

Of course, what Drew told Sam in the house was a completely different story — and she was NOT happy about it!

sam drew big brother
Drew admitted that he had plotted to get Sam out of the house. Source: Seven,

According to the Big Brother OG, Sam sent numerous texts to him once the show aired.

“She said, ‘Oh my God, who were you actually talking about?’ I said, ‘Both you and the royals’,” Drew revealed. “She goes, ‘Yeah, it just looks bad.’ I said, ‘I kind of love it, makes it dramatic.’” That’s some f*ckboi behaviour if we ever saw it!

Sam then text him again, saying: “[Because] that’s not what you said in the house, I feel like I’ve been played. It’s embarrassing, to say the least.”

Drew then dug the knife in even further, saying: “I had a job to do”, and also revealed that “Sam’s great but she wasn’t playing the game!” Count of Monte Christo!

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Drew Reveals What Happened Between Him and Sam

It’s no secret that Drew and Sam’s relationship fizzled once they left the house, but now the reality star has revealed what happened.

“That didn’t continue very long after the show finished,” he told Punkee, before saying the relationship only lasted “a few weeks”.

“She was in Melbourne, her family is down here but she doesn’t consider it her home. She was down here and fairly miserable,” Drew dished. “We are very different people outside the house.”

drew sam big brother
Sam and Drew’s relationship only lasted a “few weeks” out of the house. Source: Seven.

Drew Admitted That Tully Wouldn’t Be Famous Without Him

When it comes to his ex-bae Tully Smyth, Drew had a few choice words to say about her.

In another interview with the outlet, Tully had said that Drew being in the house with Sam, didn’t allow her to have her “moment”. Lol

“It wasn’t her moment. This wasn’t The Tully Show, this was Big Brother,” he said. “She is notorious for her and I being together on the show.

tully drew big brother

“Without me, she wouldn’t have such a big profile because of that season. And I’m the same, I wouldn’t have the notoriety that I have without her. Unfortunately, we are bound together from our past.”

Well, well, well…

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