Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Mitch Eynaud has shown support for Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello’s blossoming relationship in a candid Instagram Q&A.

Following in Olivia Frazer and Tamara Djordjevic‘s footsteps, Mitch took to Instagram to conduct his own “Ask Me Anything” series over the weekend.

Naturally, a number of followers were keen to hear what the 26-year-old thought about his MAFS ex moving on with one of his friends from the show.

Admitting that “they look great together”, Mitch wished Ella and Brent luck.

“I love this couple,” he said. “Not every relationship works out. Unfortunately, Ella and I didn’t but hopefully, this one does.”

The Queenslander also acknowledged that Ella and Brent “have a lot in common”, telling his fans that he’s “all for it”.

“I’m happy for them both.”

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Married at First Sight‘s Mitch Reveals Whether He Misses Ella

“Do you miss Ella?” one fan dropped in the question box.

Given they spent three “pretty awesome” months together, Mitch confessed that he hasn’t forgotten his time with his MAFS bride.

mitch eynaud q&a
Mitch revealed that he hasn’t forgotten Ella. Source: Instagram @mnaud__.

“We spent a lot of time together, so you don’t just forget about someone overnight,” he said.

He added that the pair “shared some great experiences”, recalling when they travelled to meet each other’s families.

Mitch Admits His Friendship With Brent Has Been Tainted “Because of the Whole Ella Situation”

One follower was keen to know whether Mitch was “still mates” with Brent and Al Perkins.

While he insisted that the cheeky duo are “great”, the TV groom admitted that he and Brent haven’t been in touch as of late.

Mitch discussed where he stand with Brent and Al Perkins. Source: Instagram @brentleon_.

“I haven’t spoken to Bretty Boy in a while,” he said. “I think that’s because of the whole Ella situation, him and her. But he’s great.

“Me and him shared heaps of laughs. We were hanging out heaps after the show. Al… The same. Yeah, he’s great. [sic].”

Are Mitch and Tamara REALLY Dating?

Now. Let’s get to the question on everybody’s lips, news feeds and minds: are Mitch and Tamara really an item?

Despite all signs pointing to yes, the model said the answer to the “most asked question by far” was a big fat NO.

“We’re not dating,” he dished. “We spend a lot of time together, she’s a beautiful girl.”

Mitch denied that he’s dating his co-star Tamara Djordjevic. Source: Instagram @tamara__djordjevic__ @mnaud__.

Adding that he has “a lot of time and respect” for the hospo-hater, Mitch doubled down that they were just friends.

“Girls and boys can be friends, despite all the shit that happened on the show. We’re mates and I love spending time with her.”

He concluded: “I think she’s absolutely fantastic.”

In response to another person asking whether they are dating, Mitch penned: “No, she cries too much.”

This was accompanied by a less-than-flattering snap of the TV bride crying while she ate some food.

Another wondered why Mitch won’t date Tamara “if [they] get on so well”.

“Because she stinks,” he captioned a video of the controversial star, in which she was chastised for continually farting.

Mitch Rubbishes Married at First Sight As “Garbage”

When asked if he deemed the editing on Married at First Sight to be “biased”, Mitch admitted that he only watched a few episodes of the show.

“Well, I only watched about four or five episodes, because it was absolute garbage from the get-go,” he confessed. “I watched our wedding, a couple of episodes of the honeymoon, I think I watched a retreat episode, Dion [Giannarelli] and Matt [Ridley’s] weddings, and our final dates.”

mafs biased editing mitch eynaud
Mitch says MAFS is “rubbish”. Source: Instagram @mnaud__.

He then continued by saying that there is “a lot” left on the cutting room floor as a result of condensing the episodes.

“They’ve already pre-selected a narrative for every character on there,” Mitch added. “You’re filming 40 hours a week most weeks, and you’re only seeing two or three minutes of each week per person.”

According to the star, his final date with Ella was a perfect example.

“We were sitting under the hut, that conversation went on for an hour or two and you saw 30 seconds of it and I was just sitting there like a mute because they cut all the shit that I said out.”

mitch and ella final commitment ceremony
Mitch admitted that Ella was very supportive during the experiment. Source: Nine.

Noting that the editing made him “look like an absolute fool”, he couldn’t deny Ella’s support during the experience.

“All in all, the relationship itself was pretty great. We shared a lot of special times, special experiences,” he recalled. “I struggled a bit, but Ella was always there to sort of help me out and coach me through it.”

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