Even though literally no one asked for it, HBO Max’s outrageous reality show FBoy Island could be getting its very own Australian spinoff. FFS, aren’t there enough f*ckboys on this goddamn continental island already?

As per TV Tonight, ITV studios are in discussions with local networks about bringing the wild show Down Under. However, it is unclear whether that means Aussies will get a full-blown ocker spinoff, or if the US version will just hit our TV screens.

fboy island
FBoy Island is an American TV series. Source: HBO Max.

Regardless, we are peachy keen to watch a bunch of super spreaders run rampant on an Island. After all, we only get one season of Love Island a year and it really just is not enough.

What Is FBoy Island?

FBoy Island is basically a mish-mash of the most salacious parts of Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise.

Three female protagonists are dumped on an Island with a heap of blokes, half of whom are f*ckoys and half who are actually “genuine”.

Essentially, the gals have to weed out the good guys.

The show first aired in the USA in July 2021 and was a major hit, hence why Aussie producers want to get their hands on the rights to FBoy Island Australia.

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Who Will Appear On FBoy Island Australia?

While we have no concrete evidence at all for who will be appearing on FBoy Island Australia, we have rounded up a host of reality TV alumni who we think fit the f*ckboy bill.

Since our superspreader CEO Locky Gilbert — and his successor Ciarran Stott — went into retirement, here are a few other names we can offer up as FBoy Island Australia stars.

First up, we have the superspreader on everyone’s lips (literally), Mitch Eynaud. The Married at First Sight Australia 2022 star made a name for himself as a total douchebag after toying with the heart of his “wife” Ella Ding and ghosting her post-show to shack up with co-star Tamara Djordjevic.

We got a text and it says next up on the roster is Love Island Australia 2021‘s Mitch Hibberd. This one is just self-explanatory, really.

Mitch #2 will be joined by fellow Islander Ryan Reid. Yes, that chump who claims to have had sex with over 500 women. He’s also the fella who p*ssed, stomped and spat on the heart of Lexy Thornberry during the show. He has continued to take jabs at her online since. Charming, really.

Grant Crapp also deserves a look into FBoy Island. The man literally WON Love Island in 2018 despite having a girlfriend on the outside the whole time. NEXT!

Moving out of Love Island territory and back to the f*ckboy breeding ground that is MAFS, we have Jason Engler. Not only was he a meanie to Alana Lister during the experiment, but also allegedly later cheated on KC Osborne.

Still sourcing stars from Skye Suites, pegging denier Andrew Davis would also fit right in on the show.

blake garvey the bachelor
The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey is the ultimate reality TV f*ckboy. Source: Network Ten.

And of course, this would not be a roundup of Australian reality TV f*ckboys without a dishonourable mention of The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey. Ya know? The love rat who picked Sam Frost in the show’s 2014 finale before dumping her and moving on with his second runner-up.

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