In February Love Island Australia 2021′s Chris Graudins and Lexy Thornberry announced that they had recoupled IRL and now Zoe Clish has revealed how she felt when she found out that her ex-boyfriend was hooking up with her island bestie.

Speaking on the Where’s Your Head At podcast, hosted by fellow former Islanders Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski, Zoe admitted to having a “gut feeling” that something was going on between her costars.

While Zoe was stuck in Covid isolation in early January, she recalled noticing that Chris and Lexy were hanging out “quite a lot”.

“I called Lexy. because wanted to ask if anything was going on but I felt really guilty even asking that because I was the one who said ‘don’t stop hanging out just because of me,” she explained.

“Honestly, I didn’t want to seem a bit crazy-ex or two-faced, but I needed to know for my own well being”.

Zoe alleged that Lexy told her she had “nothing to worry about,” but over the next couple of days, her suspicions continued to grow. WHEN A GIRL KNOWS, A GIRL KNOWS!

“I felt something in my gut… so two days later, I called Chris,” the reality star confessed.

Zoe maintained that she didn’t want any drama but just felt “in the dark” as to WTF was going on.

“If anything is to happen between them I would hope they had the respect to tell me first”.

Both Lexy and Chris continued to deny being in a relo, however, the island gal soon after admitted that she did have feelings for Zoe’s ex-boyfriend.

“I basically told her to go for it,” Zoe said. “I’m not going to gatekeep him because I don’t want to be with him.”

We stan a mature queen!

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Zoe Clish Revealed How She Feels About Her Ex-Boyfriend Chris Graudins

Following her split from Chris, Zoe was every bit the amicable ex. She threw no social media shade and refrained from taking digs at her former flame.

However, now she has spoken out about what caused their breakup and how she felt after finding out he had recoupled with Lexy.

Zoe lamented that the pair were just two very different people, saying: “We just wanted different things. I felt like I couldn’t give him the reassurance that he needed because I wasn’t at the same point as him. And then Chris felt like I wasn’t as into it as him – and to be fair, I wasn’t”. Oop!

Love Island Australia Zoe Clish and Chris Graudins
Zoe has opened up about her breakup with Chris. Source: Instagram @zoeclish.

She maintained that she was trying her hardest to be open with him, however, it was “two people in a relationship that just wasn’t going to work out in the long run”.

Whilst there was no bad blood upon their breakup, Zoe revealed that things have changed since he and Lexy got together.

Love Island Australia Zoe and Chris
Zoe and Chris met and began dating on Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Nine.

“Me and Chris are just two very different people and in the end there – even after we broke up – we just don’t see eye to eye”.

“Now, I just want nothing to do with him, to be honest,” she added.

TBF, what girl does want to hang out with her ex?

Zoe Clish Opens Up About Where She Stands With Lexy Thornberry

After Zoe gave Lexy her blessing to pursue things with Chris, the pair began to slowly drift.

“At the time, I thought we could be friends,” Zoe said, “but I just can’t be friends…”

Following this text conversation, which Lexy later exposed in a TikTok, Zoe maintained that the pair cut contact but were “not on any bad terms”.

Love Island Australia 2021 Zoe and Lexy
Zoe and Lexy were close friends during their time in the villa. Source: Instagram @zoeclish.

The new couple continued to post on social media together which became too much for the Queenslander to handle.

Accordingly, she had to block both of them.

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