We got a text and it says Love Island Australia’s Lexy Thornberry and Chris Graudins‘ relationship is causing a stir amongst their former co-stars.

Mere weeks after announcing their relationship, Lexy and Chris were called out by Ryan Reid and Aaron Waters in a spicy video on Aaron’s YouTube channel.

Lexy Thornberry Chris Graudins Love Island Australia 2021
Lexy Thornberry has hit back at co-stars Ryan Reid and Aaron Waters for critiquing her relationship. Source: Instagram @chrisgraudins.

In the video, the pair discussed their thoughts regarding Lexy and Chris’ IRL recoupling and they weren’t exactly gentle with their words.

Ryan, who actually coupled up with Lexy for a hot minute on the show, suggested that there were underlying tensions between Lexy and Chris’ ex-girlfriend, Zoe Clish

Ryan lamented: “You can’t say there’s no bad blood when you’ve both been blocked.” Ouch.

Aaron chimed in, adding that Lexy and Chris’ recoupling was “a dog move”.

Lexy hit back on TikTok, calling out the boys and even bringing screenshots to PROVE she had Zoe’s blessing before she made a move on Chris.

Now, it seems Ryan is going tit for tat, claiming that Lexy is blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

Aye, aye, aye! This tea is piping hot and there is A LOT going on, so let us unpack this cataclysmic Love Island Australia 2021 beef.

Ryan Reid Claims His Views On The Lexy/Chris/Zoe Drama Isn’t A Big Deal

After Lexy’s lengthy TikTok, Ryan made his own video — titled “my response — addressing her claims that he and Aaron had “dragged [her] name through the mud”.

“All we’ve done is give our honest opinion on what our morals are and what our views [are] on the situation,” he said. “I wouldn’t do [what Lexy did] to my best friend, nor any of my friends.”

“What we were doing in the Q&A was giving our beliefs of the situation. The Q&A went for 30 minutes, [the Lexy content] was about two minutes of it. It really isn’t a big deal.”


My response.

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He then added that it was rich of Lexy to talk about mental health and bullying when she had repeatedly referenced Ryan in a number of public appearances.

“Lexy was making TikToks about me, she was doing podcasts about me, she was making YouTubes about me,” he recalled. “She was definitely dragging my name through the mud.

“I had to say something now, because that really damaged my mental health and I’ve been struggling for the past couple months.”

He also commented on Lexy’s original tirade, urging her to watch his video, before the pair devolved into a tense debate.

What Did Lexy Thornberry Say About Ryan Reid And Aaron Waters?

Following Ryan and Aaron’s (admittedly, asked for) YouTube opinions, Lexy took to TikTok to defend herself and her relationship with Chris.

Confessing that she never thought she “would have to resort to defending [her and Chris’] relationship, especially on TikTok,” Lexy said that given “Ryan and Aaron have decided to drag [their] name through the mud,” she was left with “no choice”.

Love Island Australia Lexy and Ryan
Lexy and Ryan were coupled up during the majority of their time on Love Island Australia. Source: Nine

The Love Island alum expressed: “By them making that video they are adding to the enormous amount of hate me and Chris are already receiving.”

She then suggested that Ryan and Aaron made the video “purely for likes and views”. Former reality stars starting drama for clout on social media? No way!

Lexy pinned her own comment on the video, tagging Aaron and Ryan before writing: “Big shoutout for commenting on a situation they know nothing about and contributing to the hate.” Yikes!

Love Island Lexy TikTok
Lexy “thanked” Ryan and Aaron for contributing to the hate she and Chris were already receiving. Source: TikTok @lexyberrys

Lexy Proved She Had Zoe’s Blessing Prior to Pursuing a Relationship With Chris

The Queenslander also decided to open up about how her and Chris’ partnership actually initiated.

She maintained that there were no ill intentions and nothing salacious ever happened behind Zoe’s back.

The former Islander explained that she and Chris had been “seeing each other a lot at parties and festivals and [were] started getting really close”. That’s when she “started gaining feelings for him”.

Lexy added that she told Zoe she was hot for Chris “before Chris even knew himself”. And boy oh boy, she came with RECEIPTS to prove it.

The reality star uploaded a series of screenshots of conversations between herself and Zoe.

In the messages, Zoe told Lexy that she really appreciated her “calling and explaining” the situation. She added that she “could never hate” her and was “not even angry.”

Zoe asserted: “You can’t help how you feel.” Oh, how the tables have turned…

Lexy claimed that she and Zoe also spoke on the phone, expressing that if “pursuing Chris would damage their friendship at all”, she would “keep her mouth shut.”


I really did not want to post this. But since it keeps coming up here is all the facts. That’s all I’m saying on this subject

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Lexy Revealed When Her Friendship With Zoe Turned Sour

In yet another series of screenshotted texts, Lexy revealed exactly when her friendship with Zoe turned sour.

After fans spotted Lexy and Chris in Woolworths together (and posted about it online), Zoe requested that the couple keep their union private until they were ready to actually announce it.

The star sent Zoe a “dry response” lamenting that she didn’t want to announce anything “until it was serious”.

Zoe responded admitting that Lexy and Chris’ recoupling had “taken a toll” on her. The 25-year-old also added that while she was “happy to be civil,” being friends was “a bit of a stretch”.

Lexy finished off the video by maintaining: “When I say there is no bad blood between me and Zoe, I really mean it. I will always love and respect her. She has done nothing to me. But, so many people have become involved in this situation, it is just blowing out of context.”

Wowee, that was a lot to process. This tea is so hot you might burn your tongue, so watch out.

Zoe Clish and Rachel Evren Took a Dig at Chris and Lexy on TikTok 

The Love Island 2021 cast has been the gossip gift that keeps on giving, with fresh social media spats emerging more frequently than host Sophie Monk ever appeared in the villa last season.

Last week, after Chris and Lexy officially announced their relationship, Zoe teamed up with Chris’ other former Love Island flame Rachael Evren to make a cryptic TikTok addressing the situation.

Racheal is no stranger to TikTok beef, having taken jabs at Chris online in the past.

In a now-deleted video posted to Rachael’s TikTok account, the girls lip-synced over a viral audio from the hit HBO show Euphoria.

“I’m extremely confused.” Rachael mouthed, with Zoe responding: “You’re confused? I’m f*cking confused bro.”

Zoe Clish and Rachael Evren
Rachael Evren and Zoe Clish took a dig at their Love Island ex Chris Graudins on TikTok. Source: TikTok @rachael_evren

The video includes a screenshot from a text conversation, which is assumed to be between Rachael and Chris.

The sender asked: “Do you like Lexy?” with “Lexy” (very poorly) crossed out.

The-responder-who-is-probably-most-likely-Chris replied: “Yeah as a mate. She’s Zoe’s best friend.”

Ooohhhh boy. We sense tension.

Chris and Lexy Officially Announced Their Recoupling Weeks Ago

After vehemently denying they were together, dismissing claims and slamming reports, Love Island Australia‘s Lexy Thornberry and Chris Graudins finally revealed they were, in fact, dating.

Dating rumours have followed the pair for months after a series of Instagram stories, NSFW comments, and public sightings hinted they may have been *getting it on* away from the public eye.

They confirmed the news *officially* in an Instagram post on February 18.

Lexy posted a snap of herself snuggling her fellow Love Island Australia star on the beach, captioning it: “I think I just re-coupled”.

Pre-empting backlash, the 20-year old continued: “And before anyone asks, no, this was not done behind anybody’s back.

“We are all adults,” she added. “We were honest and open about this situation, there is no bad blood. Just a whole lotta love.”

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