Love Island‘s Lexy Thornberry and Ryan Reid have dragged their co-star Bree Marchant for making false claims during a podcast appearance.

Casa Amor bomb Bree chatted to Luke Erwin on his Talking Shit podcast in late November about all things Love Island 2021. However, a video version of the podcast has recently surfaced online and Bree’s fellow Islanders aren’t very impressed with what she had to say about them!

Taking to TikTok on Monday, OG 2021 bomb Lexy shared a small clip of the podcast video where Bree and Luke discussed Lexy’s alleged history as a stripper.

“One of the other girls apparently knew her before going on the show as well, and she said that,” Bree confessed.

“There you go, Lexy’s a stripper!” Luke reiterated.

The TikTok then cut to Lexy who, in true sarcastic fashion, let rip on the ex-Islander.

“I guess I’m a stripper now, I guess the truth is out,” she said. “I’m gonna show you some photos of my stripping days.”

The 20-year-old shared a number of photos from her formative years, including snaps of her working at a Shell service station.

“So, this is me being a stripper, making fried chicken. This is me also being a stripper, washing car windows when I was 17,” she continued. “This is me working as a bartender, as a stripper, of course.”

What Else Did Lexy Thornberry Have To Say To Her Love Island Co-Star Bree Marchant?

The Queenslander then said she’d like “thank [Bree] so much for telling the world” she was a stripper.

“You didn’t even hesitate, you just said it! That’s brave, that’s courageous,” she quipped. “More people should be like you, you’re such a good person.”

She also captioned the video: “Biggest [sh*t] talker I’ve ever witnessed”.


Biggest 💩talker I’ve ever witnessed ##loveisland ##loveisland2021 ##loveislandau ##casaamor ##greenscreenvideo

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In the full episode video on YouTube, Bree revealed that she actually knew Lexy before the show, having been a manager at the bar she used to work at.

“Is she a stripper?” Luke wanted to know.

Bree initially denied this, saying: “When I was working there, she was a bartender.” However, she later insinuated that Lexy was “apparently” a stripper, but she can’t be 100 per cent certain.

Ryan Reid Also Refuted Bree Marchant’s Claims On The Talking Shit Podcast

Ryan also took issue with a claim Bree made during her interview on the Talking Shit podcast.

The 25-year-old shared his own clip of the podcast on TikTok, in which Bree revealed she was his first choice in the Casa Amor.

“Ryan wanted me so bad, yeah over Tayla,” she said, referring to Ryan’s villa bae, Tayla Mellington. “Ryan was like ‘100, like Bree, you were my type, holy sh*t.'”

In response to her claims, Ryan simply spat out a mouthful of water. ‘Nuff said.

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