After vehemently denying they were together, dismissing claims and slamming reports, Love Island Australia‘s Lexy Thornberry and Chris Graudins have revealed they are, in fact, dating.

Dating rumours have followed the pair for months after a series of Instagram stories, NSFW comments, and public sightings hinted they may have been *getting it on* away from the public eye.

They clearly didn’t hide it very well because So Dramatic! has been on their case since rumours started swirling.

And now, we have the confirmation: Lexy and Chris have re-coupled – like, together!

Lexy revealed the news on Instagram on Friday morning.

She posted a snap of herself snuggling her fellow Love Island Australia star on the beach, captioning it: “I think I just re-coupled”.

Pre-empting backlash, the 20-year old continued: “And before anyone asks, no, this was not done behind anybody’s back.

“We are all adults,” she added. “We were honest and open about this situation, there is no bad blood. Just a whole lotta love.”

Initially, Chris also got in on the Instagram action, with the Queenslander updating his bio to include “Sexy Lexy”. However, he removed it shortly after.

Chris Graudins Instagram
Chris added a sweet nod to Lexy in his Instagram bio. Source: Instagram @chrisgraudins

Chris Graudins Slams Fans Reaction to News He Is Dating Lexy Thornberry

After news of the couples recoupling broke, Chris returned to Instagram to slam fans who were giving the pair a hard time.

In particular, he took issue with fans who were questioning Lexy’s character (despite the relationship being a two-way street).

“Just wanted to remind you all not to comment on a situation you know nothing about,” Chris wrote. “Just because we are dating outside the show doesn’t mean it resulted in a bad situation”.

He clarified that Lexy actually asked the permission of his Love Island ex-girlfriend, Zoe Clish, before she pursued him.

Chris and Lexy Love Island
Chris took to Instagram to defend Lexy after fans expressed anger towards the pair. Source: Instagram @chrisgraudins

The 25-year-old also noted he was aware that Zoe had blocked both him and Lexy on social media. It was “totally understandable on her behalf,” he expressed.

He added: “Seeing these comments in regards to Lexy’s character is absolutely disgusting,” finishing the Stories rant by saying “some of you have children of your own. Think before you speak and remember we are all humans.”

Wow, that was a lot.

Zoe Clish and Rachael Evren Took a Dig at Chris After He Announced His Realationship With Lexy

Zoe has made her feelings about her ex and her friend hooking up (somewhat) clear. The reality star took to TikTok with Chris’ OTHER former Love Island flame Rachael Evren to have a dig at their mutual ex.

Racheal is no stranger to TikTok beef, having taken jabs at Chris online in the past.

In a video posted to Rachael’s TikTok account, the girls lip-sync over a viral audio from the hit HBO show Euphoria:

“I’m extremely confused.” Rachael mouths, with Zoe responding: “You’re confused? I’m f*cking confused bro.”


Love my Eskimo sister tho 🤪🥰 @zoeclish #loveisland2021

♬ original sound – girls

The video includes a screenshot from a text conversation, which is assumed to be between Rachael and Chris.

The sender asks: “Do you like Lexy?” with “Lexy” (poorly) crossed out.

The-responder-who-is-probably-Chris replied: “Yeah as a mate. She’s Zoe’s best friend.”

Ooohhhh boy. We sense tension.

The TikTok was viewed over 168 thousand times within five hours of being uploaded.

Rachel Evren Zoe Clish TikTok
Rachel Evren and Zoe Clish took a dig at their mutual Love Island ex Chris Graudins on TikTok. Source: TikTok @rachael_evren

Up until now, Zoe has remained relatively tight-lipped about whispers that Chris and Lexy were dating.

Back when the rumours started swirling, Zoe addressed whether the pair were together during a YouTube video with fellow Islander Courtney Stubbs.

The 26-year-old cryptically revealed: “Whatever’s happening it’s not my news to tell or for me to talk about, so, yeah.”

Looks like things have changed since then!

Love Island Australia Lexy and Zoe
Zoe and Lexy were close during their time on Love Island Australia 2021. Source: Nine

What Indicated That Lexy Thornberry Was Dating Chris Graudins?

The rumour mill has been in full force since it was announced that Chris had split from his Love Island 2021 bae Zoe in December last year.

Soon after, Chris and Lexy were spotted getting flirty on the ‘gram.

In episode 144 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto highlighted a few more signs that indicated that the Queenslanders were *a thing*.

In January, Lexy shared a snap to her Instagram story of herself wearing a hideous pair of Crocs with a poll: “Should these Crocs be set on fire?” (Our answer: Absolutely.)

That same day, Chris posted a snap of himself wearing the exact same shoes.

TBH, this is a true commitment, because who in their right mind would voluntarily wear a pair of Crocs if it weren’t in the name of love?!

Lexy and Chris Had Been Spotted Together in Sydney

Prior to Crocs-gate, there were already signs that Lexy and Chris were more than friends.

Fresh from denying they were dating during a joint Instagram Live, the pair were spotted parading around Sydney arm in arm in January.

Yep! An eagle-eyed fan revealed in a Love Island fan group on Facebook that she spotted the reality stars getting cosy in Newtown.

As if that hadn’t convinced us already, Chris also shared an Instagram Story from the Sydney Opera House with a very telling caption.

“An amazing view, but the most important one smiling in front of me,” he penned before the camera panned to Lexy.

These two really sucked at keeping their relo on the down-low so we are glad they are FINALLY letting us in the know – officially.

The 26-year-old cryptically revealed: “Whatever’s happening it’s not my news to tell or for me to talk about, so, yeah.”

It’s also worth noting that Lexy and Zoe are no longer following each other on Instagram, with it appearing as though Zoe has blocked her former friend. Beef? Maybe!

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