Holly Greenstein really got the rough end of the stick during Married at First Sight Australia 2022, and now she has revealed what her husband Andrew Davis and season “villain” Olivia Frazer were really like.

During an interview on RnB FRIDAYS Radio’s Mike E & Emma this morning, the 36-year-old – who maintained she went into the experiment “with honest intentions” – confessed that Andrew and Olivia have BOTH had their edits softened in the wake of public backlash.

holly greenstein mafs australia 2022
Holly has revealed what her MAFS castmates Andrew and Olivia were really like. Source: Nine.

Holly and Andrew’s short-lived stint on MAFS was characterised by him gaslighting and talking down to her. When she finally had the confidence to speak out about her experience, she was poo-pooed by Olivia.

Holly Greenstein Reveals What Her MAFS Hubby Andrew Davis Was Really Like

During the interview, Holly confirmed what we all already knew: Andrew was kind of the worst to her.

“He was pretty horrible, he was very unkind,” the actress lamented.

ICYMI: Andrew told Holly she was sh*t in the sack then walked out of the experiment after she tried to hold him accountable.

mafs 2022 holly and andrew
Andrew walked out of MAFS after being called out for being mean to his “wife” Holly. Source: Nine.

She added that production had, in fact, manipulated the edit to make the Texan appear – how do we say this – less toxic?

“[Production] had a real duty of care to make sure they didn’t make him look so bad.

“You didn’t see him yell at me once,” she said. “He got a great edit.”

Welp, Holly has since kicked Cowboy Andy to the curb and has a new boyfriend so maybe her manifesting just took a little longer to work than she anticipated.

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Holly Greenstein Confirms Producers Softened Olivia Frazer’s Image Post-Production

Holly also confirmed something else we already knew, which is that producers began to change Olivia’s edit after she received strong public backlash for her roles in the glass smashing and nude photo scandals.

“On the girl’s night she called me a mosquito,” Holly revealed. WTAF?

The snide comment was edited out.

She added: “I personally didn’t get a lot of kindness from Olivia and I did see a lot of bad behaviour from her.”

“When it comes to the scandals, the one thing I can guarantee you is what you’re watching it is toned-down. It’s more epic.”

OMG and we thought the aired episodes were wild – imagine what has been left out!

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