Married at First Sight Australia 2022 may be nearing its end, but the drama is far from over. Last night the final dinner party — AKA the last supper — of the season graced our screens and it was f*cking bonkers.

Things kicked off (again) between Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco, Tamara Djordjevic was called out by her husband and OUR collective boyfriend Brent Vitiello. Oh, and Selina Chhaur apologised for her role in the nude photo scandal.

However, that was nothing compared to when the experts spawned in at the worst possible time to deliver the godforsaken Honesty Box.

MAFS Australia experts 2022
The Married at First Sight experts delivered one last challenge to the couples. Source: Nine.

So, grab your wine and buckle the hell in because Twitter’s reactions to the final dinner party of MAFS 2022 were wild!

Selina and Cody Were (Somehow) In a Good Place

Somehow, Selina and Cody Bromely pleasantly surprised us with a relatively wholesome turn of the Honesty Box.

Given that Cody has been a sh*t husband to our angel Selina throughout, well, the whole experiment, we were a tad disappointed that she didn’t take the final dinner party as an opportunity to slam her MAFS bae.

Well, we’re happy for them, we guess?

Married at First Sight Selina and Cody
Selina and Cody had a drama-free go at the Honesty Box. Source: Nine.

Domenica Broke Our (and Jack’s) Heart

Domenica and her hubby Jack Millar have been the MAFS golden couple (in our eyes) since day dot.

We THOUGHT that these two were strong AF. But, where there is a will there is a way and of course, the Honesty Box was the thing to send the relationship on a potential downward spiral.

After answering the expert-appointed questions at the final dinner party, MAFS producers decided to *spice* things up a bit and let Jack ask his bride whatever he wanted.

Dom and Tamara MAFS 2022
Domenica took a loooong time to answer her husband’s honesty box question. Source: Nine.

“Do you see longevity in this relationship?” Australia’s boyfriend asked his TV wife.

Domenica took a LOOOONG time to answer. Even Tamara found it awkward. 

“Long pause,” she said, pointing out the obvious.

Jack Millar MAFS 2022
Jack was left blindsided by Domenica’s comment. Source: Nine.

“It’s been really hard to see longevity with you… Listening to my heart and my head, I always had doubts.”

Yep, that was the sound of our hearts shattering into a million pieces.

Tamara and Brent… WTAF?

Next up, the couple who should have left in week one… Tamara and Brent. How TF these two made it to the final MAFS dinner party is beyond us.

Despite Tamara being a pretty crappy wife, Brent still humoured her by answering the Honesty Box questions.

When he got to *choose* a Q, instead of asking why his bride is a snob, Brent opted to quiz Tamara about whether she would rather save his life or date Justin Beiber. Sigh.

Married at First Sight 2022 Tamara and Brent
Brent and Tamara shocked everyone by even making it to the final MAFS dinner party. Source: Nine.

Jackson Finally Gave Olivia Some Constructive Feedback

THEN, public enemy number one Olivia and her minion Jackson Lonie stepped up to the Honesty Box.

While our resident MAFS “mean girl” confessed that she was falling in love with Jackson, her hubby admitted that he struggled with the idea that he might have to choose between her and his friends.

MAFS 2022 Olivia and Jackson
Olivia and Jackson’s honesty box was hard to watch. Source: Nine.

Olivia seemed taken aback as if she hasn’t literally told her husband that he will probably have to choose between her and his friends one day.

Dare we say, karma?

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Oh, and ol’ Liv also maintained that there was “nothing she regrets” from the experiment — despite having potentially committed a felony and bullying multiple people. Noice.

RIP Ella and Mitch’s Relationship

As per usual, the contestants were actually honest when they really shouldn’t have been… AKA everyone… but especially, Mitch Eynaud.

Mitch and Ella’s night was doomed to fail, given that the groom rocked up to the dinner party dressed like a gum nut baby.

The cursed Honesty Box finally gave Ella the chance to open up about how she actually feels towards Mitch.

MAFS 2022 Ella Ding
Queen Ella finally got an opportunity to be honest about her feelings with Mitch. Source: Nine.

After revealing that she was on the path to falling in love with the model, the Melbournian confessed that she couldn’t guarantee her hubby would feel the same.

She then said what everyone has been thinking this whole f*cking season and admitted that Mitch does not know how to act in a relationship. As such, he makes Ella insecure because he can’t put his big boy pants on and use his feelings. 

Mitch then blew up over something… what? No one knows. Definitely not something reasonable. 

Married at First Sight Mitch Eynaud
TLDR: Mitch is a d*ck. Source: Nine.

“Nothing will ever be enough for Mitchell,” Ella cried. We cried. 

“We got final vows coming up,” Mitch pointed out and Ella walked out of the final MAFS dinner party. As she should!

Jesus fkn Christ we are NOT ready for final vows… this week is gonna be YUGE.

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