Last night Married at First Sight groom Andrew Davis made the ultimate MAFS mistake: he took the honesty box as an opportunity to actually be honest.

While he initially hit it off with his MAFS bride Holly Greenstein, only days in the cracks started to appear after the pair were presented with the infamous box of doom.

Holly Andrew MAFS 2022

Andrew Davis honesty box

Holly Andrew MAFS Wedding
Holly Greenstein and Andrew Davis were married on Monday night’s episode of MAFS. Source: Nine

During Thursday, February 3’s episode, the 38-year-old took the opportunity to slam poor Holly for her performance in bed after the pair, errr, consummated their marriage.

When asked if he felt sexual chemistry with his new bride, Andrew’s response was cringe-worthy. Rivalling Bryce Ruthven‘s infamous “she’s not ugly” comment last season.

What is it about these damn honesty boxes??? The contestants should know by now there is literally one golden rule: if your opinion isn’t nice then don’t. be. honest.

After taking some time to think about it, Andrew told Holly:

“Holly, I enjoy sex. I enjoy sex all the time. I enjoy it in random places, at random times,” he said before adding: “I know I have the right equipment and I feel like I know how to use that.”


He continued: “But I feel like when we were intimate you weren’t there.”

“You were not physically there. I didn’t feel intimacy. I didn’t feel connected to you, so it wasn’t enjoyable for me. If I am being completely honest with you.”

Andrew’s monologue had us SCREAMING to Holly through our screens.

Run for the hills, girl!

Twitter Was Not Happy With Andrew Davis’ Honesty on MAFS

Twitter felt pretty similarly and some of the reactions to Andrew’s completely unwarranted candour are absolute GOLD.

The self-proclaimed sex-god is twice-divorced, which after last night we think makes sense.

It is rapidly becoming clear what kind of guy Andrew is, and we feel so bad for poor Holly.

The MAFS honesty box never fails to bring out the contestants’ true colours. Maybe Holly’s initial concerns about Andrew’s Texan upbringing were have valid after all…

Twitter Has Handed Out Andrew Davis’ Verdict: You ARE the New Bryce Ruthven (AKA a Gaslighter)

In light of Andrew’s weird AF comments, we can’t help but draw parallels to a certain someone from MAFS‘ 2021 season.

Gaslighting? On MAFS? Who would’ve thunk it…

After the sh*tstorm of bad publicity that arose as a result of Bryce and Mel’s controversial pairing last season, we are hoping the MAFS producers know better than to ignore Andrew’s questionable behaviour.

It feels as though at this point, MAFS wouldn’t be MAFS without one serial gaslighter (which is NOT a good thing).

In summary, Andrew is Toxic with a capital T. We very much hope to see John Aiken hand it to him next week.

Fellow MAFS Groom Cody Bromely Was Also In Hot Water After Thursday’s Episode

Andrew joined fellow groom Cody Bromley in the dog house after Thursday’s episode.

Cody broke the golden honesty box rule, using the box as an opportunity to tell his Selina Chhaur he wasn’t really attracted to her.

In summary, after last night episode the only MAFS men we stan are Mitch and Levi (as in Brent Vitiello‘s hot best man).

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