It’s safe to say that Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Olivia Frazer is Public Enemy numero uno after she went after Domenica Calarco — and now, her brother, Bondi Rescue’s Tommy Frazer, has had a very cheeky response.

During the March 9 episode of the hit series, Olivia’s disdain for Domenica even began to piss off her groom Jackson Lonie, with the pair having their very first tiff of the season.

olivia jackson mafs 2022
Olivia’s disdain for Domenica even began to piss off her groom Jackson. Source: Nine.

While at first, Olivia presented as the “nice one” of this season’s cast, things quickly turned.

Initially, fans began to smell a rat when she went for Holly Greenstein (remember her).

Then, following her blaze with Domenica and her (subsequent embellishments of the story), viewers began to see red.

Everything then came to a head, when Olivia revealed herself as the Bridesmaid Bandit of 2022 — and well, f*ck. Things ain’t looking too good for dear ol’ Liv!

What Did Olivia Frazer’s Brother Tommy Say About His Sister’s MAFS Appearance?

We’ve been receiving A LOT of DM’s from people who absolutely cannot get enough of this drama — and it seems, Olivia’s own brother has something to say, too.

Taking to his Instagram stories overnight, the surf lifesaver wrote: “Heheh my sister is so cute.” Lol.

Olivia Frazer’s brother’s cheeky response to his sister’s MAFS appearance. Source: Nine.

Look, we’re gonna assume that Tommy was being very naughty when it came to this post, because we all know VERY well, that Olivia was in fact, NOT being cute.

…Like, at all.

olivia frazer family mafs 2022
Olivia’s brother Tommy (pictured here with her immediate family) is not being “cute”. Source: Nine.

Olivia’s Lies Began to Unravel On Married at First Sight

Fans of the series went to town on Olivia after she embellished the truth with a lie, in her claims that Domenica had used a broken glass as a “weapon”.

“She got up and stood over me and smashed her wine glass and then proceeded to wave the broken glass in my face while she stood over me and screamed,” Olivia (falsely) relayed to the husbands.

Contrary to Olivia’s version of events, Domenica was actually sitting down when she shattered the wine glass on the table.

domenica mafs glass incident
Footage revealed that Domenica was still sitting down when she smashed the glass. Source: Nine.

She then placed the broken glass back down before standing up — as reiterated by co-star Ella Ding.

At no point did Domenica “[wave the] broken glass” in the student teacher’s face.

Ooft, probably not a good day to be Olivia Frazer!

Read what Olivia has had to say about her portrayal on Married at First Sight Australia below!

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