As Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Couples Retreat nears, fans are wondering what causes the “glassing” incident between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer.

Tensions have been high between the pair since Olivia called out her fellow bride for “bully” behaviour, after Domenica slammed Carolina Santos for her mistreatment of Dion Giannarelli.

“You just have to pick on somebody,” Olivia said during Sunday’s Commitment Ceremony, later telling the camera: “she’s not Queen B”.

Then, in a trailer spruiking the upcoming Couples Retreat, Olivia claimed she can be “b*tchy” and “awful” at times (her words, not ours!) before we saw Domenica smash a glass. Talk about dramatic!

Now, thanks to a few well-placed sources, we’ve got the tea on what really goes down during the glass-shattering Couples Retreat.

Does Domenica Calarco Actually Glass Olivia Frazer?

Rumours have been circulating for a number of weeks that Domenica “glasses” Olivia Frazer during an upcoming episode. However, as reported in episode 157 of the So Dramatic! podcast, this isn’t the *whole* truth.

Host Megan Pustetto took to the pod to reveal that Domenica “definitely didn’t glass Olivia in the face”.

Relaying intel from a current contestant, she revealed that the makeup guru smashed a glass on the table, contrary to Olivia’s accusations.

Apparently, the claims surfaced in an attempt to “make Dom look bad”.

Megan spilled: “Olivia is telling people, and the media, that she was glassed by Dom, or she attempted to glass her, to make Dom look bad.”

Why Does Domenica Smash Her Glass?

According to the insider, the Married at First Sight glassing incident is born from an amalgamation of drama that erupts at a dinner party following the retreat.

Carolina Santos married at first sight australia 2022
Carolina Santos will also find herself amid the Olivia/Domenica drama. Source: Nine.

Domenica, Olivia and Carolina reportedly find themselves in a heated screaming match at the party. As a result of pent-up frustration, Domenica then shatters a glass on the dining table.

This (unsurprisingly) won’t be the last time we see Domenica and Olivia go head to head, either.

Ella Ding Gets Reeled Into The Drama

Our source also revealed to Megan that Ella Ding becomes involved by sticking up for Domenica, something which creates a divide amongst the ladies moving forward.

Ella previously spilled the tea on the Couples Retreat during the AFTERMAFS series, noting that things get pretty “gnarly”.

ella ding married at first sight australia
Ella Ding confessed that friendships begin to unravel at the Couples Retreat. Source: Nine.

“You’ll definitely start to see — especially with the retreat — the masks come down,” she dished. “You’ll definitely start to see what these women are like, and how some who carry themselves to be, the nice and innocent and the more mature and independent or well-spoken.

“They crumble and unravel.”

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