Sorry guys, Liv’s off sick, so you’re all stuck with me today hehe!

It’s episode seven of The Bachelorette Australia 2021It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and as always, we open with the same old landscape shot of the hostel that is Le Chateau.

The brother-sister wives have been given a mysterious colourful box that producers picked up in the bargain bin at Hot Dollar. 

“What’s in the Box?” they all ask.

I have no idea what’s in the box (sorry, no spoilers this time, guys!) but I’m hoping Konrad with a K pops out of it like a Jack in the Box dressed like this:

the bachelorette australia konrad
Sueprise! Source: Network Ten.

But wait!!! Stop the presses! I just remembered the photos I saw of him earlier in the day kissing Abbie Chatfield in the real world (Byron Bay) over the weekend.

And this means only one thing… Konrad with a K isn’t the man/woman waiting for Kween Brooke at the end of this colourful rainbow. How could this be?

How could too-pure-for-this-earth-love-seat-making-Machine-Gun-Konrad-with-a-K not be Brooke’s final pick? And if he’s not Brooke’s final pick, why can’t he be mine?

But seriously, if we already know Konrad with a K doesn’t go all the way, is there even any point to even continue watching? The answer is No with a capital N.

I need time to process all of this (with my therapist).

Until next time.

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