The Challenge Australia 2022‘s Brittany Hockley has thrown Ryan Gallagher under the bus, revealing he’s the rudest co-star she’s ever worked with.

The former Bachelor babe is currently filling in for Jackie O Henderson on KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show and had some very choice words for the ex-MAFS groom on November 17.

Insisting that she’s “really easy to get on with”, Brittany said for some reason, the reality star couldn’t stand her.

“There was one person I clashed with, a male. You’ve really put me on the spot,” she said when a caller asked who her least favourite co-star from The Challenge was.

“I want to start by saying it’s very hard to upset me or make me dislike you. I’m a lover, but there’s one person that was just so rude to me. I don’t know if they’ll even play it [on the show]”.

After Kyle Sandilands probed her for a name, the 35-year-old reluctantly admitted: “It was Ryan from MAFS.

“He was constantly having a go at me, calling me an idiot, calling me a drunk… I didn’t even drink. You could ask any member of the show, he just wasn’t nice to me.”

britt hockley the challenge australia 2022
Brittany said Ryan was “constantly having a go” at her and calling her a “drunk”. Source: Ten.

The shock jock was baffled by the admission as he’s friends with Ryan IRL. As such, he gave The Challenge star a call for clarification on his tiff with Brittany.

What Did Ryan Gallagher Say About His Beef with The Challenge Australia Co-Star Brittany Hockley?

While the 34-year-old initially didn’t pick up, he rang back into the show sometime later, although Brittany maintained she “wasn’t going to speak to him”.

According to Ryan, “you’ll have to wait and see” what happens between the pair.

He then scolded Brittany for talking about the series, adding: “She shouldn’t be giving stuff away from the show.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

TBH, we aren’t even surprised that the Life Uncut podcast host reckons he’s the ACTUAL worst, due to sources telling So Dramatic! that Ryan is one of two villains this season.

As reported in episode 230 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one contestant said he wasn’t “well-liked” among the cohort.

“Ryan was so rude to the female cast the entire time. The only female contestant he was nice to was Emily [Seebohm],” they said.

And this TOTES adds up, because not only is he rumoured to be dating the Olympic swimmer, but she’s the SECOND villain in The Challenge 2022.

ryan emily the challenge australia 2022
Ryan and rumoured girlfriend Emily Seebohm are pegged to be The Challenge 2022‘s biggest villains. Source: Ten.

According to insider, Emily “fought with everyone” during filming.

“Her behaviour was atrocious, and she treated everyone horribly,” the source dished. “She really lives up to her last name, and we were all calling her the C-bomb behind her back.”


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