The Challenge Australia 2022’s Ryan Gallagher has struggled to deny he is in a relationship with co-star Emily Seebohm.

ICYMI: As reported in episode 213 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ryan and Emily became increasingly close on the set of The Challenge.

Then during episode 215 of the So Dramatic! podcast, host Megan Pustetto revealed that a mate of Emily’s had slid into our DMs to confirm that she and Ryan were one hundo per cent A THING.

Now, after being grilled by Dave “Hughesy” Hughes during the November 16 broadcast of the Hughesy, Ed and Erin Show on the HIT Network, Ryan was unable “swear on” Hughesy’s family that they weren’t together.

After playing a clip from the premiere episode of the series — where Ryan admitted that he “had her [Emily] in mind since I got here” — host Erin Molan asked if that was because “it was strategic” or if he “was attracted to her”.

“I think you nailed it when you say she is a superstar. She is,” he said. “She’s amazing, and to win that challenge and have her as a partner was amazing to be able to do it. I think I definitely had the best partner for that challenge.”

“She’s amazing, and to win that challenge and have her as a partner was amazing to be able to do it. Source: Ten.

Hughesy and Erin Molan Grilled Ryan Gallagher About His Relationship with Emily Seebohm

Rightly so, Erin called out Ryan, saying he had “completely avoided” her question before Hughesy jumped in with: “Ryan, you and Emily are now an item.”

“No!” Ryan responded emphatically, while the hosts kept egging him on, saying: “Ryan. Ryan.” LOLz!

Erin then told him that “in this space, you can’t lie, but you can avoid” (which is precisely what he did), to which he responded: “I can definitely lie!” Interesting…

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Hughesy was quick to point out that it had been reported on by “a podcast” (yeh, by us! from a verrry reliable source) to which Ryan said: “Emily is a beautiful, beautiful girl! If I was in a relationship with her, I’d be a very lucky man!”

“If she ever did want to, I’d be extremely happy!”

Erin — who the former Married at First Sight groom said was having a “good crack at it” — wasn’t convinced, and coincidentally neither was Hughesy.

“Ryan, swear on my family’s life that you are not intimately involved with Emily Seebohm. On my family’s life, swear on it.”

“I can’t do that to you,” Ryan said before the three hosts (including Ed Kavalee) congratulated him.

See, we told you!!

The Challenge’s Ryan Gallagher and Emily Seebohm Were Spotted Posting Content from the SAME Overseas Locations

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, reality die-hards noticed that Emily and Ryan posted content from similar locations while travelling after the show.

One of their co-stars even predicted that sparks were flying, however, disregarded the inkling due to Emily reportedly having a bae at the time, however, a friend later confirmed it.

The pair have also been said to be the villains of the season, with cast members leaking some pretty sus things about the pair.

Ya know what?! Hats off to Ryan for trying to field their questions for so long and Ryan, you’re one “lucky” guy!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 230 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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