The Challenge Australia 2022 finally premiered on November 14 and fans flocked to Twitter to share their verrrry extensive thoughts about the reality star-studded sh*tstorm.

Agents of chaos from Love Island, Married at First Sight, the Bachelor Nation, MasterChef, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and Survivor have all come together to battle it out for $200,000 through a series of intense tasks… plus fight over dinner, cheat on their partners and steal their co-stars’ beds.

It’s a LOT, and we’re just one episode in!

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The Challenge Australia 2022 finally premiered, and fans flocked to Twitter to share their extensive thoughts about the reality star-studded sh*tstorm. Source: Ten.

Naturally, fans from every corner of the reality sphere united to discuss Channel Ten’s bizarrely addictive new show and the catalyst for drama: Cyclone Cyrell Paule.

It took the MAFS 2019 bride approximately five minutes before she got into a screaming match with Love Island‘s Audrey Kanongara over calling dibs on a bed. Yes, really.

It was just one of many stoushes she got in during the hour-long episode, and honestly, we need wine on tap if she’s going to keep this up all season.

Ciarran Stott Once Again Proved Why He Was Once King of the Super Spreaders

The first episode of The Challenge also saw the very first cheating scandal unfold, in which self-confessed “root rat” Ciarran Stott wasted no time jumping in the shower with Audrey and a can of whipped cream.

Now, this cookery was odd for several reasons.

One, the drama was of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it variety (boo!), and two, the Bachelorette bad boy has a girlfriend IRL — Ruby Burciaga — who he then issued an apology to right down the barrel of the camera. Jeffree Star could never.

One Duo Was Unceremoniously Eliminated After an Intense AF Rope Challenge

Having been separated into pairs, The Challenge proved to be the survival of the fittest — and the cattiest.

Faster than Ciarran jumped into bed (or the shower) with another woman, Cyrell and her partner Jack Vidgen faced off against alleged faux influencer Suzan Mutesi and boxer Billy Dib in an elimination task that involved tying and untying knots. Riveting!

Despite her eye-roll-inducing behaviour, the internet wasn’t ready to see the back of Cyrell and continued to root for her until she and her Australia’s Got Talent prodigy partner was safe for yet another challenge.

Fans Point Out the Irony of Having Gendered Pairs When The Challenge Australia Host Is Non-Binary

As a whole, The Challenge is whacky and wonderful, but some viewers were rightly confuzzled about the decision to have the pairs comprised of “one male, one female”.

Particularly when the host, Brihony Dawson, is non-binary, meaning they do not identify as solely male or female.

The Challenge Australia 2022 continues on November 15 at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten and 10Play.

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