It’s been confirmed that Olympic swimmer Emily Seebohm and Married at First Sight Australia‘s Ryan Gallagher are dating after meeting on The Challenge Australia 2022.

Paramount+’s new sports-cross-reality show has just wrapped up filming and a bunch of its reality star-studded cast is already embroiled in drama. However, it seems romance has risen from the ashes, too!

As previously reported by So Dramatic!, reality die-hards noticed that Emily and Ryan were both posting content from similar locations while travelling after the show.

One of their co-stars even predicted that sparks were flying, however, disregarded the inkling due to Emily reportedly having a bae at the time.

Now, as reported in episode 215 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a mate of Emily’s has slid into the DMs to confirm that yes, she and Ryan are A Thing. Go figure!

What Tipped off Fans That The Challenge‘s Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher Were Dating?

As reported in episode 213 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ryan and Emily became increasingly close on the set of The Challenge.

So much so that they’ve been travelling through America together post-filming!

In early September, the pair both posted from Nashville, Tennessee, as well as at a Dallas Cowboys NFL game.

However, none of the photos featured the pair together.

A fellow The Challenge Australia contestant told So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto that they did see a flame between Ryan and Emily while on the show.

“I did think they might end up together,” they dished. “But as far as I knew they were just friends.

“Maybe they just didn’t get a ticket back and decided to travel.”

And decided to date, too! We love reality TV romance, no matter how fleeting!

Want even more goss? Listen to episode 215 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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