Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has told her followers that she’s “manifesting” she and Jackson Lonie getting back together.

Just days after admitting that she “relentlessly” misses the TV groom, the 29-year-old took to Instagram with a lengthy Story detailing her hopes they’ll reunite — which also happened to occur the same night Jackson was out celebrating his 32nd birthday.

The slides kicked off with a birthday post for her ex-bae on October 22, dubbing him “the best partner in crime”.

olivia jackson mafs
Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has told her followers that she’s “manifesting” that she and Jackson Lonie will get back together. Source: Nine.

“Happy birthday to the best teller of dad jokes, best chef of pork belly, best TV hubby, and the best partner in crime I could have asked for,” Olivia penned over polaroid pics of the pair.

“There’s no one else I would have wanted to spend the last year laughing with.”

Some hours later, she hit the ‘gram with yet another Q&A sesh, and all the questions seemed to lead back to her relationship with Jackson.

One fan asked how the duo knew they “weren’t for each other”, and Olivia had a straightforward response: “We didn’t.”

“It was just a bad time/bad mental health/other factors that made us call it,” she wrote.

She also added, “Never say never,” which echoes what Jackson said about their romance in an Instagram Story a few days earlier.

Olivia Frazer Said She’s Not “Supportive” of Jackson Lonie Moving On

Another follower questioned if the TV bride was “supportive of Jackson moving on” or “potentially marrying someone else”.

TLDR; it’s a big fat “NOPE” from Olivia.

“I want him all to myself.”

Then, when asked where she sees herself in the next five years, she confessed she wants to be “having a certain someone’s babies,”… Extremely subtle, we know.

Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer Teases That She and Jackson Lonie Are Getting Back Together

Several of Olivia’s followers told the controversial reality star that she and Jackson were “soulmates”.

“I know,” she responded to one question box. “People need to tell him.”

Meanwhile, another said they felt the couple was “meant to be”.

“Same,” the former teaching student mused while revealing that she was “just here manifesting” that she and Jackson would reunite.

When one nosy MAFS fan said they were “getting vibes” that the couple were already “back on”, Olivia simply shared a clip of herself taking a swig from her wine glass.

Amid the influx of questions about their relationship, Olivia revealed Jackson’s last birthday fell in the thick of filming MAFS 2022.

Olivia Frazer Reveals Why She and Jackson Lonie Were “Reprimanded Like Teenagers” During MAFS

Recalling that they travelled to the Central Coast as they weren’t scheduled to film, the TV bride said they were contacted to film a date organised for another couple.

married at first sight
Olivia recalled Jackson’s last birthday, which occurred while they were filming MAFS 2022. Source: Nine.

“We filmed a ‘good morning’ sequence; then we were told we weren’t needed until 9 pm,” she said. “So we took a car to the Central Coast for the day.

“Then they wanted us to film someone’s used date (a date they had scheduled for another couple that it had [sic] become usable for the other couple).”

Noting that production “never scheduled anything” for her and Jackson because they were “boring”, Olivia said they felt the wrath of producers when they returned from their day trip.

“So when we were 1.5hrs [sic] away, it was bad,” she said. “We got our phones confiscated and reprimanded like teenagers.”

olivia mafs jackson birthday
Olivia reminisced on being “reprimanded like teenagers” by production. Source: Instagram.

Uh, happy birthday, we guess?

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